Senior female Gov´t official linked to cash jet pilot

Khamraj Lall

By Fareeza Haniff


Khamraj Lall
Khamraj Lall

[] –  iNews has been reliably informed that a senior female government official is embroiled in the case against Guyanese pilot Khamraj Lall, who was arrested in Puerto Rico trying to smuggle US$620,000 into Guyana on his jet on November 22.

According to a reliable source, the United States has since launched an investigation into the government official and reports indicate that the US authorities have also restricted her travel to America.

The embattled pilot was granted bail by Judge Marcus Lopez in Court 10 in the US District Court of Puerto Rico. President Donald Ramotar has travelled overseas on Lall’s executive jet several times. 

Authorities at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport confirmed that a huge private hanger there was built with the approval of Cabinet to accommodate the planes for executive use and medical evacuations.

The plane stopped in Puerto Rico to re- fuel and then continue with a trip to the city of Georgetown.

It was reported that Customs officers asked the detainee to declare the cash he was carrying. However, Lall, who was traveling with his father and the pilot of the aircraft, initially reported only US$5,000 between him and his father, but in a second report said the two had US$12,000.

However, a team of federal agents found that indeed had more cash on the plane. US authorities require that sums are reported in cash over $ 10,000.

On closer inspection of the plane, officers found US $150,000 first “wrapped in plastic bags and a blanket near an exit,” according to the statement of the federal agent. Lall said he did not remember having that amount and said they were from his business.



  1. Senior female Gov´t official linked to cash jet pilot::: big bad headline and Inews leff om deh…opppsss i fuget Inews wont de askor award for being bestest..

  2. seems like all Guyana top crooks are a bunch of snitch , they stay auditioning for the feds , bunch of birds, always ready to snitch on they own mama for a deal, that’s why they stay finding y’all heads in cutter , damn gutless rats .

  3. $150K is pocket change for Americans.
    Poor as I am my line of credit is 300K.
    These nickel and dime mauby stand black pudding vendors
    nevoh see come to see, needs to think big.
    If these APNU +AFC think in pennies that’s all they have in their pockets.

  4. I suspect that she resigned because some time ago, her daughter was in a situation where she had said that she have $15m CANADIAN DOLLARS to invest in some solid waste operation in Guyana. There was a big noise from some quarters about how her daughter having access to such a large sum of money.Some sources had said that her mother could have been the one to facilitate the cash. The ppp PM designate is on the defensive with her son and a $3M US storey, so I guess that why should she wait when her daughter storey could be a hit also.

  5. link them all to thievery now..nothing changes…de big ones at wall st that crumbled and crippled the economy in 08 are the said ones that have wall st soaring now while main st starving their guts out…how man of them went to jail..but they are ready willing able to jail the teeth people..

  6. That was the The waterfalls april fool’s joke. Turns out it was not a joke at all. The news paper was correct.


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