Forbes Burnham Research Institute launched


Institute 1[] – As part of the activities to commemorate the 29th death anniversary of the Founder Leader Linden Forbes Sampson Burnham O.E, S.C. the People’s National Congress Reform (PNCR) yesterday launched the Forbes Burnham Research Institute (FBRI).

Jeffrey Thomas said that it was important that the Institute do more than just make note of Burnham’s ideas and the efforts that were made by the PNC to implement them.

Thomas, who served as a Cabinet minister in the Burnham led PNC administration has been charged with overseeing the development of the Research Institute.Institute 2

He said the Party would seek to establish an institution which can build on the vision of Burnham, recognizing his approach to Guyana’s devilment, explore options which are necessary to solve national problems and ensure that there is a scholarly scrutiny of Burnham’s legacy.

The former government minister said, “This Institute will not only focus on areas of research relevant and essential to the development of the party. In pursuit of its objective, it will collaborate with other appropriate institutions in Guyana, the rest of the region and indeed around the World.”

The Forbes Burnham Research Institute will focus on identifying important issues and develop plans and proposals for their mitigation or resolution. It is intended for the FBRI to be multi- disciplinary in nature and seek to utilize ideas and methods in other intellectual areas of endeavor which will benefit both the PNCR and the society at large.



  1. despite the PR foto stunt this is a pnc thing strictly for pncites only …one year from now lets see inside


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