“Local Government Elections should predate General Elections” – Urling

Clinton Urling


Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.
Head of Blue Caps, Clinton Urling.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – Head of the Social Change Organization – Blue CAPS – and Former President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce (GCCI) Clinton Urling is of the view that local government elections (LGE) should predate general elections.

Urling, who has been very vocal on the issue of local government elections in recent times said while the entire issue of a possible “no-confidence” motion being presented in the National Assembly is one for parliamentary political leaders to pontificate and decide upon, 20 years of no LGE remains a contemptible and unconstitutional situation.

“If a majority no confidence verdict is carried, then Blue CAPS will respect whatever guidance is offered by the constitution to deal with such a circumstance,” he said in response to inquiries made by iNews.

To support his reasoning that LGE should precede general elections, Urling pointed to its ability to fix broken and neglected communities “which effects hits closer to home, then attempt to fix the national system.”

He believes that there is no guarantee that general elections will remedy the current governance issues between the legislature and executive; explaining that the country could end up with a similar dispensation which would further exacerbate and prolong the rot at the local and community levels.

“Local elections will give citizens a closer and more accessible say in the conduct of public affairs that affect their lives and communities than at the centralized national level,” he pointed out; adding that “local government structures and leadership have decayed and become ineffective. Fresh LGE will allow for new leaders to emerge and for the design of new approaches to solving community and municipal problems.”

Urling said new and more effective management can result from LGE which would allow central government and other bodies to focus more on issues of strategic national importance; relieving them of considerable administrative burden of managing both local and central demands.

The advocate is of the view that most young people have never participated In a LGE and many would love the opportunity to do so both as voters and contestants.

“The new local government system allows for individuals to contest their constituency, thus allowing them to potentially become leaders of their communities without having to align to any political party,” he concluded.



  1. lets not beat up these Urlings too much..
    lets look at the names the Guyanese people should be pelting lash pon…
    who are the creators of this mess…
    we all know ramjattan and nagamoottoo caused the linden riots…
    we know another afc big man nigel hughes created the agricola public road atrocity..
    now take a serious look at these names who really have guyana in this mess..
    ramjattan–nagamoottoo–roopnarine–anand persaud sn–glen lall kn–cris ram– surujbally–freddie kissoon–tarran kemraj—sasenarine singh–mike persaud..just to name a few….see if you can figure out who is doing what to who…

    when pnc ruled for 28 years…many with name that i mentioned above were already rich…but under pnc rule they got filthy rich overnight..

    seeing a pattern here?

    they all want business in guyana…they all want a position in pnc goverment..
    all that are mentioned are very well off…but well off is not good for them..

  2. I observe that certain groups/NGOs seem to specialize in just one thing. Since the formation of this Blue Caps (whatever this means), all I hear they shouting about is Local Government Elections. Is this what they are all about. These lazy bastards should get out there and do some real work that will make a difference to the communities that need help. That is what NGOs do, not continuous silly talk.

    The same can be said for the political party the AFC. After the last general elections the Party that won 7 seats said they would be the “conscious of the nation”. All the AFC preached and still preaching about since 2011, is something called a Procurement Commission. AFC has become synonymous with Procurement Commission. I understand they are now at a stage where they want to rename their Party the Procurement Commission Party (PCP). The combined opposition is now: PNC aka APNU and the AFC aka PCP. Best wishes to both Parties.

  3. when they talk about “broken and neglected communities” every single guyanese knows they are crying for their black communities and to hell with others..
    even ramotar lied about what ppp did not for for indian communities..
    when asked why no work was done in indian village like what was done in black villages he said it was contractors fault..so this talk about broken and neglected communities must go to children fathers and child mothers and not pppc..

  4. aw shet your pnc crap up…the pnc want general election..bring it…the people want a majority government to rule…let them get on now with general election..too many mouths of pnc speaking at the same time..no confidence it is..open up parliament and let them take their no confidence vote…

  5. Which comes first the chicken or the egg?
    Georgetown is a runaway train with a stink bomb cargo.
    The train engineer is a well planted PNC.
    Can someone tell me that the LGE will change things here?
    The PNC is in all aspects of the civil service.
    Burnham put them there and they vote race.
    General elections first!


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