Food for the Poor helps Tiger Bay families in dire need

Chief Executive Officer, Kent Vincent and some of the single mothers in Tiger Bay. [iNews' Photo]


By Tracey Khan – Drakes

Chief Executive Officer, Kent Vincent and some of the single mothers in Tiger Bay. [iNews' Photo]
Chief Executive Officer, Kent Vincent and some of the single mothers in Tiger Bay. [iNews’ Photo]
[] – Food for the Poor Guyana Inc. donated a number of items to families on Wednesday, September 17, who are in dire need of assistance in the Tiger Bay community.

The Non-Governmental Organization’s Chief Executive Officer, Kent Vincent explained that due to the cries from residents of the area, six families were identified for assistance in the form of household items, groceries, clothing, stationary, cosmetics, mattresses and other necessities.

He added that they were unable to help all the residents from that community, however, he committed to another exercise from the organization that will see other residents benefitting from donations.

“We are not able to help everyone because our help reaches across the country so we committed to certain areas so when we see needs especially those like Tiger Bay and other areas in the country, we try to come out and help those who are most in need, that’s our work, we try to come out and help those in need that’s our work, our mission is to help the poorest of the poor.”

The CEO also explained that they have a housing programme, where they build homes for families and said it is possible for some of the families in the area to have their home built providing they have their own land.

“Some of the people here would qualify, obviously it’s difficult for us because we have over 2000 applications right now and were unable to build as fast as we would like to or to acquire the volume of funding to do the type of housing.”

They are aiming to build 130 homes this year, and so far they have managed to build over 30.

He also explained that they not only depend on funding from overseas but from corporate societies in Guyana, adding that they would normally organize a number of funding raising activities in this regard.

“We need the help of the corporations, the big corporations and other organizations in the country to really help us in financing, to help us with our outreach with the type of work we do, we are partially funded by Food For the Poor Florida, we are not fully funded.”

The organization said it responded after iNews posted a feature on the community highlighting the challenges single parent mothers face, raising as much as six children in some cases.

Meanwhile, the single parent families that were identified for the donations included Sharon Hinds, Omela Charles, Felisha Accra, Alethea Accra, Denise Cozier and Tandeka McPherson.

All of the women expressed gratitude to the organization and said the help will go a far way for their children.




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