“Attacks on me are racially motivated” – Sooba

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.


By Leroy Smith

Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
Town Clerk [ag], Carol Sooba.
[www.inewsguyana.com] – Town Clerk (ag), Carol Sooba says the funeral service which was held for her yesterday (September 17) by Georgetown vendors is nothing but cheap political gimmick and one which was racially motivated.

During an interview with iNews, Sooba said, “They had flowers and they were singing lusty as they conducted their ceremony about two feet away from the stairs and they don’t even know the hymns they were singing; when was Janet time they came with an effigy and they beat the hell out of that doll and put it in the coffin and now they want to do the same thing to me.”

She concluded that the actions of the Mayor and his following amounts to “radicalness” as she stated that never in the history of the council has any afro person suffered the trials and tribulations she has been going through with the council.

“They racial, no other black Town Clerk went through what I am going through, you have to be black to hold the position of Town Clerk” Sooba told iNews.

Yesterday, City vendors held a funeral service Sooba and a procession was led through the streets of Georgetown.

The coffin bearing a well dressed doll. [iNews' Photo]
The coffin bearing a well dressed doll. [iNews’ Photo]
Many were astonished when they saw a group of people walking down Regent Street with a small coffin and a doll dressed in red, whose makeup was also neatly done.

The vendors sang a number of popular funeral hymns, including ‘Amazing Grace’ and ‘How Great Thou Art’ as they took the casket around with the doll inside.

They begged persons to view the body because they were taking the dead to be buried.



  1. WHAT EXACTLY IS THE OBJECTIVE? Guyanese have become lazy and stupid and this stupidity is what the government is using to their advantage. Frankly, I don’t give a CRAP about this woman, Green, Ramotar, Grainger or any of them, they are all opportunists, who in my opinion are “sucking the life blood” of the people, and enjoying every moment of it. WHY? because they are ALLOWED to do so. Example, there is a constitution that states when elections are to be held, yet there is a request being made by the opposition to the current Administration to abide by it? WHAT? Get off of your ARSES (and that’s the correct term) and take back the country from these PARASITES. Don’t wait until one morning you wake up to find out you are being ruled by the Chinese, because that is the direction Guyana is heading towards. Trust me, no one has money like these people, well, except the Arabs, not even America.

  2. it is not only racist but also sexist……. the mayor always take his eyes pass women .i wonder if he forgot to tell his supporters to cremate the effigy rather than burying it, as the effigy has long requested to be cremated without any autopsy.

  3. Very true, ‘Black’ is/was never the issue. The Wellness of the country is the issue.
    The people at City hall is at fault. They should just go away.
    People should know that we are all God’s children.
    We are too wrapped up in beating ourselves by race.
    We need to change the mindset and give Guyana a chance.

  4. These people are sick and need Jesus.
    This somewhat voodoo ceremony will not touch Ms Sooba or anyone else who oppose this wicked and dirty scheme and schemers.
    To sign the Hymnal Amazing Grace is downright mockery.
    We must be careful of the hole we dig least we ourselves fall in.
    I will take Holy Water and purge that area of the evil which is invited there.


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