Fmr. PPP PM Candidate not being considered for Diplomatic post – Greenidge confirms


By Fareeza Haniff

Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge
Vice President and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge

[] – Minister of Foreign Affairs, Carl Greenidge is dismissing reports that former Prime Ministerial Candidate for the Opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP), Elisabeth Harper is being considered by the APNU+AFC government for a diplomatic post.

During his appearance on the radio programme ‘Hard Talk’ aired on 90.1 Love FM on Sunday, July 26, Greenidge appeared a bit reluctant to answer the question directly and skirted around the issue but host, Chris Chapwanya was relentless.

In his response, the Foreign Affairs Minister said, “We are considering many people for these posts. We try to look as widely as we can. I don’t even know whether Mrs Harper is interested so…right now I don’t have her name on a list.”

Elisabeth Harper
Elisabeth Harper

Reports in several sections of the media recently, indicated that Harper, a former Ambassador, could replace Geoffrey Da Silva at the Guyana Embassy in Venezuela at a time when the two countries are currently in a bitter border controversy.

Meanwhile, Greenidge also clarified that a number of political appointed Ambassadors have already indicated their desire to resign now that the new government has taken over.

“We proceeded in keeping with the standard rules of simply informing them that there has been a new government, the new government is going to be exercising its rights to appoint new Ambassadors…make arrangements to return to Georgetown or return at some point that is mutually agreed and I believe they all understand that,” the Foreign Affairs Minister noted.



  1. Absolutely not, she was willing to work for the previous administration and if she was a professional, she would not be interested in serving the new government… another gun for hire who would sell herself to the highest bidder… She knew exactly what get previous handlers were about and allowed herself to be used in the process, thank you ma’am but no thanks

  2. Guyana needs to move forward, not backward,if she has the skills ,is willing and can deliver use her by all means. This is one of the changes I would like to see, not tit for tat.

  3. I still see no reason why Ms. Harper cannot serve in some diplomatic position if she is inclined to do so. She was a PM candidate on the PPP ticket, but in reality, she was just being used…like Sam Hinds and all the other Black faces running around the PPP.


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