Burglars hit MMZ house; Leonora Police took hours to respond

One of the ransacked bedrooms.

By Fareeza Haniff

Part of the ransacked house.
Part of the ransacked house.

[www.inewsguyana.com] – A Meten – Meer – Zorg (MMZ), West Coast Demerara family is now counting their losses after burglars broke into their house and carted off with approximately $2M in cash and other valuables on Saturday night, July 25.

The family was not at home at the time of the incident but upon their return to the Lot 7 Kastev, Meten Meer Zorg house, Geeta Nadiram noticed that the locks to her door were broken; as a matter of fact she believes that the burglars were still in the house when she and her Canadian based daughter returned home around midnight.

Nadiram told iNews that the burglars even locked her out of her own house by activating the lower bolt on the front door. With the help of neighbours, they managed to force opened the door with a crow bar.ransacked 2

Nadiram and her daughter, who is visiting Guyana for a family event, were greeted with a ransacked home; the perpetrators managed to cart off with approximately $600,000 including Canadian currency, four iPads and jewellery.

But what was even more shocking to the family is the fact that the Leonora Police Station, when contacted, revealed to the victims that there was no vehicle to transport officers to the crime scene.

One of the ransacked bedrooms.
One of the ransacked bedrooms.

The family then decided to send a vehicle for the policemen but upon arrival at the station, there were no ranks available; they were told that the Inspector [name provided] went home to sleep and that the patrol was on the road dealing with other issues.

It should be noted that the Leonora Police Station is located approximately 10 minutes from Meten – Meer – Zorg but the police arrived at the scene three and a half hours after being contacted.



  1. We have a disable man incharge of our security so what do you expect,instead of putting ideas in place to help the police the government is busy firing people from their jobs,they have to feed their family so they will find other means to survive.

  2. The Coalition Government has its hands full and running over. There is an obvious need for attitudinal changes among Guyana’s work force, as well as recognition of the need for professionalism, commitment, WORK ETHICS which are sadly lacking among the work force, and a sense of responsibility and pride. These are the necessary tools for quality job performance but unfortunately it is absent from the work force on all levels. The government cannot be held accountable for the inept, lackadaisical, backward mentality of the work force. Guyanese workers wake up, get with the program, help to improve yourselves, dedication and self reliance are honorable virtues. Please, it takes working together, do your part, pull your weight, and snap out of your slumber. Do not expect to be rewarded for doing nothing or doing the bare minimum. It takes everyone working TOGETHER for your country to succeed, and not standing idly and waiting for a better Guyana. The old adage says ” one hand can’t clap.”

  3. Um, think about it Ravi….are you trying to say that after 40 years of perfect law and order that the country has now fallen apart in the last 60 days?

    Doesn’t make that much sense, does it?

  4. I think that the people in Guyana should get on the track and started to be on the same side and shoot the bandits if the police cannot do it

  5. Can we count how many police ranks are involved in previous robberies???? you’ve got your answers why no prompt response??

  6. Why it took 31/2 hrs for a cop to respond. Isn’t this one of the things Granger has spoken about? No transportation or cop on duty for he went home to sleep. Well he needs to be fired if that the case for this is bull. Those lazy ass cops they all need to be fired who’s caught on the job doing the same crap under the last government.

  7. Dear Home minister,

    What is happening ?
    People live in fear of being robbed or killed.
    Do you blame it for night life or the previous administration?
    Citizens feel being deceived and ears full of talks on misdoings of previous government and now media and people don’t care what the ministers saying.
    Common man just need bread,shelter and safety. then health and well being.
    Increasing crime rate indicates failure of administration.

  8. Ramnarine needs to go too….bare slackness! This is how the GPF serving and protecting the nation….smh

  9. You are absolutely correct, police officer schedule must change, and the government needs to invest in more vehicle.

  10. Transfer or fire these individuals…….they have no appreciation of their motto in this new dispensation. Maybe they have a vested interest (political) in they criminals getting the upper hand!

  11. So sad but this will con’t to happen. The police force got a whole lot of dunce playing house. And by now they lost count i am sure of how many they got in the call of duty. The Police force have so many police, half of them does nothing when the day come but keep drawing a pay. Why the hell up to now the government can’t come up with a decision to put patrols back on the street from all the stations across Georgetown, where is seem crime is raising more and more to work from 11 pm-7 am every night. At least 2 van load with no less than 5 per van. Let them work for their money. Hold the dam officer in charge if a crime happens and they are no where to be seem or get there late. Something have to be done.

  12. A travesty. Too many robberies occur with no help from the police. Something MUST be done about this.


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