Fmr Gov’t Minister, Personnel Officer to be charged for transfer of State vehicles

Former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford
Former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford
Former Minister of Public Service, Jennifer Westford

[] – Former Minister of Public Service under the People’s Progressive Party government, Jennifer Westford and her Personnel Officer, Margaret Cummings will soon appear before the courts on charges of illegally transferring State vehicles.

Information reaching iNews indicates that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Bibi Shalimar Hack has advised that the police proceed with charges against the Former Minister and Cummings, who was recently sent on leave following the discovery of the vehicle scam.

Earlier this year documents surfaced which showed that a request was made to Khurshid Sattaur, the Commissioner General of the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA), for the transfer of registration for eight vehicles to Westford, her husband, Osbert McPherson, Wayne Walker and Delroy Lewis.

The letter was signed by Margaret Cummings for Hydar Ally, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary and the receipts were backdated to give the impression that monies were collected for the sale of the high end vehicles.

Cummings has since been sent on leave pending investigations. The letter was apparently prepared one month before the general elections but was only dispatched to the GRA on the first working day after David Granger was sworn in as president.

According to the letter, two vehicle registration transfers for Walker were sought; one for Lewis; one for Westford; three for Beaton and one for Mc Pherson.

After an intense investigation by the Guyana Police Force, the file was sent to the DPP for advice on whether to charge Westford and the others that are complicit in the alleged scam to defraud the Guyana Government.




  1. Abuse of power for all to see, she probably thought if all those in th upper echelons of PPP are thieving and draining the country dry, well why can’t I…..
    Jail her and seize her assets as with all of those who abused state assets

  2. Finally,if you do the crime you have to do the time. No more free ride,corruption does not pay.Let’s see who is next come on DPP we are waiting!!!!

  3. Me wonder if she gun get hairdressa and makeup ladies in the jailhouse? Mek Hydar go check out he old comrade and she squaddie inna dem new yaad!. heheheheh

  4. She is the only one that lack the art of misappropriation in the last government. One word for her duh

  5. this must be followed by indictments for those who raided the petrocaribe fund since, a lesson must be thought to the crooks and scamps within the ppp party who still have the audacity to run about playing victims of the new administration.

    all propagandizing of the drive to rid the country of corrupt practices by calling it witch-hunting the removal of errant ppp party official from holding positions that require credibility must be met wit swift and real charges for those who ran amok of the system during the 23 years of ppp misrule.

  6. These thieves should have their court dates at the earliest and sent to the big house. The govt should be able to seize all their assets.

  7. Dr. Jennifer Westford, was such a LADY when she was the Regional Health Officer of Region #7 and stationed at Bartica – then she joined the Jagdeo government and became a Minister of government, and everything changed.

  8. Great news it’s about time, two down more to go let all these crooks spend some time in jail. ….every one of these sticky fingers white collar crooks.


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