Woman robbed while in punctured vehicle on East Coast Public Road


robbery[www.inewsguyana.com] – Investigations are being conducted into an armed robbery that occurred at about 13:40 hrs on Tuesday, July 28 at Melanie Damishana Public Road, East Coast Demerara, during which Bibi Zalifa Bacchus, 36 years, of Nootenzuil, ECD, was robbed of $200,000 and a cell phone by a man armed with a handgun.

Investigations have revealed that Bacchus was in a motor vehicle that had sustained a puncture and the suspect held her up and demanded the articles which she handed over and he escaped on a bicycle.

A police report noted that in his haste to escape, the suspect was struck down by a motor car and the stolen money and the firearm fell on the roadway. He, however, abandoned them as public spirited persons had responded.

But he joined a motor car that is believed to have been driven by an accomplice and escaped. The stolen money and the firearm, a .32 revolver with four rounds, and the bicycle have been recovered as they were handed over to the police by residents on arrival at the scene shortly after.



  1. It is very disappointing that this parasite was not crushed to death. In case, he is caught while robbing another hard working Indo Guyanese , he will enjoy the comfort of 3 meals and a comfortable bed in jail , paid by the victims’ taxes .

    By the way , did the police return the money to BiBi ? Any? some?

  2. God is so good that woman work so hard for that money and he coming to steel it from her the first thing he should have done is to help her with her puncture wheel


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