Flood warning issued


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[www.inewsguyana.com] – Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson has announced that a flood warning is in effect for residents in low lying communities.

He reported that 2.5 inches of rain is expected in the next four hours and residents are advised to take necessary precautions to guard against flooding.

See weather report for today:

Today will bring mostly cloudy with light to moderate showers over Coastal and near Inland areas of Regions 3 to 6, and moderate to heavy showers and thunderstorms over Regions 7, 8 and Coastal areas of Regions 1 and 2; other areas can expect brief passing showers.

The 12 hour rainfall will be between 15.0 and 25.0 mm. (0.59-0.98 inch), over Regions 7, 8 and Coastal areas of Regions 1and 2; other area values are expected to range between 5.0 and 15 .0 (0.19-0.59 inch).

The wave and sea conditions are expected to be moderate to rough, with wave heights   reaching between 1.5 and 3.5 metres (4.92-11.48 feet) in open water.

The ‘high tide’ flood advisory comes to an end today, Wednesday 19, August, 2015.

The winds will be north-easterly to south-easterly at 4 to 7 metres per second (8.94-15.65 miles per hour), gusting to12 metres per second (26.84 miles per hour) over some areas.

The high tide is at 18:50 hours (6:50 pm), reaching a height of 2.68 metres (8.79 feet).    

The low tide is at 12:26 hours (12:26 pm), reaching a height 0.82 of a metre (2.69 feet).



  1. Why blame the previous administration which doled millions to the Hamilton Green town Hall and did nothing to improve the city(?) NO! Not city but SHITTY. Green was and still is the biggest obstacle to the redevelopment of Georgetown. That man carries a serious baggage of corruption, embezzlement, murder, deceit, arrogance and among others, incompetence as a Mayor. It is your right to support who you want to but you must call a spade a spade.

  2. Massiah you are the current clown, is people like you who allow Mr. Jagdeo to come into power previously.

  3. Well said brother. What he should say is the flooding is due to the blatant neglect of the city by the previous clowns under jagdeo.

  4. You is a fool smh yall need to think before to speak at times… Old ppl had a saying if you dont have nothing good to talk keep your mouth close

  5. I wonder if ppp cause the flooding… cause it seems as though ppp do everything.. seems as though if granger belly Hut and Moses goadie drop is ppp cause that.. “let’s see how the cookie crumbles”


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