Five women charged with robbing man who gave them a lift


Five women were on Friday placed before the courts when they were charged jointly for a robbery they allegedly committed on a man who is unknown to them.

Lisa Barker of Rasville, Georgetown, Timeka Blair of Congress Drive, South Ruimveldt, Simeon Williams of West La Penitence, Onika Favourite of Cooper Street ,Albouystown and Shanella Adams of Laine Avenue, Gerorgetown denied the allegation when it was read to them by Magistrate Leron Daly on Friday last.

The women were charged for relieving the man of items and foreign currency totaling $646,000, property of Phillip Benjamin while they were in the parking lot of Nigel’s Supermarket on September, 27, 2018.

According to the facts presented to the court by Police Prosecutor Sanj Singh, on the day in question, the females went to the Robb Street parking lot where they met with the defendant, who had his car parked.

In an attempt to give the women a lift he cleared the back seat of his vehicle which had a suitcase and a haversack containing the valuables.

Further, as the man placed the items into the trunk of the vehicle which was left opened, he later realized that the two pieces of luggage were missing a short while after the ladies left.

As a result, the victim then drove to the head of the corner, when he saw one of the accused and enquired about the items. He was later told that she had no knowledge of same.

A report was made and the women were arrested and charged with the offence.

However, the women were placed on $100,000 each and the matter was adjourned until October, 26, 2018.



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