Family of 9-Y-O killed in accident demands proper probe, says child was not at fault

Dead: Carleisa Lewis
Dead: Carleisa Lewis

By: Andrew Carmichael 

Family members of the nine-year-old girl who was yesterday killed in an accident along the Islington Public Road, East Bank Berbice (EBB)  are claiming that the child was not as fault, as detailed in a police statement on the fatal crash.

In a statement, police said Carleisa Lewis was struck down and killed by motorcar PJJ 2394 after she ran across the road at around 09:00hrs.

However, in an interview with INews, family members are claiming that this is not true.

In fact, the accident was witnessed by the young lady’s two sisters, Drusila, 15, and Lorrian, 13.

Lorrian, who actually witnessed the horrific moment, explained that her sister had gone to a nearby shop and had already safely crossed the road in the company of a neighbour.

She added that the neighbour, then went into her yard and the nine-year-old continued to walk in the corner, heading home, when she was struck down. In fact, the child was said to be merrily singing as she was heading towards her house.

“[I] just come back from the shop and I was watching my little sister coming when I saw the car come and make a swerve into the corner and hit her, and she fell a little distance away and like he was not paying attention on the road,” the girl explained.

Lorrian said the car kept driving a little, before coming to a complete stop, all the while, her little sister was being dragged along the road surface.

INews was told that Lorrian fainted at the scene, at the sight of her sister’s injured body beneath the car.

Drusila explained that when she ran towards the accident scene, the persons in the car were arguing.

“When I go in the car, the girls [in the car] start telling him [the driver], ‘ah tell you to slow down’. And from how she was talking, it look like they had a problem in the car,” Drusila contended.

The girl’s father, Carlton, is demanding a proper probe, noting that his daughter is very cautious when using the roadways.

“My daughter, if she is going to cross the road, and there was a bicycle or a motorbike coming from as far as the burial ground, she would not cross the road. She always walked in the corner…I am saying this, if you asked anyone in the village, they will tell you that. When the incident happened her sisters were looking and they laughing how she was walking on the road singing coming,” the father posited.

He believes the driver was at fault.

“Like they had a fight in the car. People are saying that they had a fight in the car because the car was on and off of the road. I do not know how true it is I just heard that,” the father of six contended.

The family is demanding a proper probe into the accident and that justice prevails.