Eyewitness: PNC brewing trouble…


…outside Parliament

During the long five-month war of attrition that the PNC fought to rig the elections, Vincent Alexander was their point man – from his position as their go-to Commissioner inside GECOM. Trotman and Corbin just followed his lead as he daily spun meandering tales to the reporters about the latest PNC ploy. Well, following Granger’s abrupt throwing in the towel, there was nothing Alexander could do…but from his subsequent actions, it’s clear he sees that as only a hiccup in the PNC’s quest to keep power by any means necessary.

From one of his recent discourses, he revealed his plan, which is based on his assessment that everything in Guyana – and especially politics, is about race in Guyana. A funny conclusion for a fella who swears he’s a Marxist, isn’t it? Isn’t it their fundamental position that it’s all about “class”? But then, if a chap like Clive Thomas, who’d worn his Marxism on his sleeve for four decades could drop that in a jiffy – the moment when Jagan couldn’t make him PM in 1992, what can you expect?? Never mind it was his comrades in the WPA who nixed his chance!!

Anyhow back to Alexander and his Damascene (Congolese?) conversion. In that aforementioned discussion, Alexander gave his take on Lenin’s question on “what is to be done”. As a Burnhamite and in charge of the Burnham Foundation, it was not surprising that he endorsed his “founder leader”’s use of his political power between 1964 and 1985 to break the backs of the Indian and Portuguese business class and transfer economic power to African Guyanese. Never mind that he rigged elections to do so – that, in fact, was why Alexander could support so vigorously Granger’s attempt at the rig from March to August. So what if Burnham and his goons had to crack a few skulls – even a brother who picked the wrong side like Rodney? As Alexander said after Indians were picked off like flies in 2000, that’s all “collateral damage” out of which will come “progress”.

So, after setting the stage with his macro view, Alexander honed in on the situation of the moment – the horrendous murders of the Henry Cousins, which are still being investigated by the Police. Alexander, it seemed, has already cracked the case. As he explained: “the murderers saw themselves as superior to the persons slaughtered. Historically, this was the fate of Africans. The WCB murders is a continuation of previous violence against Africans. The individuals also felt they would be protected by the State (controlled by the PPP), so justice cannot be gotten for the Henrys”.

In case you can’t connect the dots, Alexander supported “street action” to seize power! Then… and now.

…in the villages

The PNC has traditionally used street power in Georgetown – their main stronghold since the 1960s to seize and keep power. They always had the crowds of lumpen elements they could muster at will from the ghettos to intimidate not only any incumbent PPP Government – but their supporters who have to transact business in Georgetown. But this go-around the PNC has decided to do the dirty from the villages…and they’ve already started in WC Berbice.

But why would they want to do this? is it because they were caught so flagrantly in their Mingoing of the votes in full view of the Ambassadors and the international community and they want to keep off their radar? Or is it because they have to go through Volda Lawrence if they want the Georgetown street crowds?? Whatever it is, Guyana is on the cusp of something new…PNC violence in the villages where race relations had always been more laid-back.

But with the PNC, power is a goal that justifies all.

…over land

A month ago, Lincoln Lewis precipitated a racial confrontation with some farmers over his claim that he’s the owner of the entire village of Kingelly.

It was the template for another confrontation in a video that just crossed your Eyewitness’s feed.