Ex-husband sets lumber yard on fire


A $20 million property at Canal Number 2 Polder, West Bank Demerara was on Saturday evening reduced to ashes after it was set ablaze by the owner’s ex-husband.

Based on reports received, Bibi shaheada Thakir, 39, of Lot 40 Alliance Canal # 2 Polder and Ramesh Thakur, 37, are separated about a year ago and have a matter of division of property  filed in the high court.

However, at about 22:00h, the victim was at home when she heard a knock on the window and as she looked out, she saw the suspect using a knife to destroy her car bearing registration number, PXX 509.

Soon after, he jumped into his canter, drove to the lumber yard and set it on fire.

Upon realizing that the business was engulfed in flames, the fire service was summoned but by the time they arrived at the scene, sections of the lumber yard were already destroyed. The suspect was arrested and is expected to be charged shortly.





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