Berbice man allegedly beats wife to death

The New Amsterdam Hospital

Days after being beaten by her abusive husband, a domestic worker succumbed to her injuries while receiving medical attention at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

Sabita Shamnarine, 44, of Line Path, Corriverton was reportedly beaten by her husband two Sundays ago but succumbed to her injuries on Sunday last.

After the beating, the injured woman was taken to the Skeldon Hospital after she complained of severe bodily pains and as such, she was admitted a patient. Hours after being admitted, she reportedly collapsed and slipped into an unconscious state.

According to reports, the woman’s condition worsened and she was subsequently transferred to the New Amsterdam Hospital.  Based on reports received, she was beaten to her head and abdomen.

The mother of three was frequently abused by the suspect in the presence of their five-year-old child.

Meanwhile, the Child Protection Agency last Wednesday visited the Line Path home in an attempt to take the child into protective custody but they found the suspect, ‘Manoj’, imbibing with friends.

The man reportedly refused to hand over the child to the officers and as such, the police were reportedly called call in. The suspect was arrested.

Subsequently, officials at the New Amsterdam Hospital informed the police of reports that were made by the woman prior to the death.

While in hospital, the woman reportedly begged not to be sent home claiming that she was afraid of her husband’s constant abuse.

On several occasions, the now dead woman had to seek medical attention due to the injuries she received as a result of the beating. Upon the woman’s death, the man was re-arrested and he is expected to be charged shortly.



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