Edghill objects to Ally being responsible for “Ethnic Relations”

Amna Ally
Amna Ally, Minister of Social Cohesion
Amna Ally, Minister of Social Cohesion

[www.inewsguyana.com] –Former Chairman of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) and member of the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, Juan Edghill has pointed out some ambiguities in the appointment of Amna Ally as Social Cohesion Minister and the responsibility that the portfolio entails.

Edghill, in a recent statement to the media, pointed out that the June 6 issue of the official gazette identifies Minister Ally as having responsibilities for “Ethnic Relations”.

He explained that such a responsibility should not be given to a government Minister, since the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC) is a constitutional Body, tasked with investigating the Executive itself.

Juan Edghill.
Juan Edghill.

“This needs urgent clarification, since the Ethnic Relations Commission which is a constitutional body among its functions is to investigate actions taken by the Executive itself.The Constitution is clear; the ERC functions and discharges its responsibilities without the interference, input or direction from the Government of the day,” the Former PPP/C Minister stated in the release.

Concluding that Ally is responsible for the ERC, Edghill said “to have a Minister placed in charge of the Ethnic Relations Commission is to subject this duly appointed constitutional body to the directions of the Executive. This ought not to happen.”

It should be noted that Article 212 A of Guyana’s Constitution mandates the establishment of an ERC, with not less than five, but no more than 15 commissioners which would be determined by the National Assembly.

It is also stated that the ERC would be managed solely by a Chief Executive Officer and would report to the Speaker of the National Assembly.

“Its independence is guaranteed by the Constitution, ensuring its funding comes as a direct charge on the consolidated fund. Staffing and remuneration of staff is determined by the Commission and not the Government. The Chief Executive Officer and staff of the ERC should not take directions or instructions from any government official,” said Edghill.

The tenth parliament had named the new set of commissioners including a chairman to be in place at the ERC. However, they were never sworn in by former President, Donald Ramotar.





  1. Mr. Edghill you are a disgrace to everything that is right especially the ministry. Just shut up move on go and repent for your sins and get back to ministering the word of God where you might be able to better redeem your self and be a blessing if not just go die in a corner and stop using up precious oxygen. “Let those who are able be and do what they are able to”. In making Guyana proud.

  2. Look who is talking since when he knows about the constitution? Sorry he is not in the position how many people didn’t he cause to suffer.

  3. imagine this idiot is a former chairman of the ethnic relations committee under the ppp. witnessing this man’s performance along with anil nandlall’s at the liliandall memorial ceremony one is left to wonder how come he is allowed to masquerade as a bishop much less someone involved in ethnic relations. the ppp take turn in sending out buffoons to address the media. clement rohee finished his rounds so it it now the phoney bishop. one is left to wonder who’s next.

  4. This guy is utterly daft and out of his depth. A Minister with responsibility for Ethnic Relations doesn’t make that Minister responsible for the ERC. The former Minister in attempting to sound erudite and brilliant has woefully exposed his intellectual inadequacies. It is like saying that the Minister with responsibility for teachers in the Education system is responsible for the TSC etc. Minister Ally should as a trained teacher ensure basic comprehension lessons are provided to this un-intellectually flamboyant organism (ufo).

  5. edghill didn’t you get the memo? no one gives a rat’s behind what you think or object too. you were a ppp crony placed there for window dressing. do you have any self respect? we think not!!!
    If you had any self respect you’d shut your stupid trap, but I guess bar-rat spit in your mouth. you take training from him.
    you are a soupie of the ppp criminal cabal. get lost. go away in peace and sin no more!


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