IAC raises several concerns with President Granger

President David Granger and Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman along with members of the Indian Arrival Committee during a meeting on June 18, 2015
President David Granger and Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman along with members of the Indian Arrival Committee during a meeting on June 18, 2015
President David Granger and Minister of Governance Raphael Trotman along with members of the Indian Arrival Committee during a meeting on June 18, 2015

[www.inewsguyana.com] – The Indian Arrival Committee (IAC) on Thursday, June 18 met with President David Granger where several issues relating to the stability of ethnic cultures in Guyana were raised.

According to a press statement from the IAC, it had “written to the elected representatives of the people of Guyana, specifically the APNU + AFC government and the People’s Progressive Party (PPP), to seek an audience to discuss issues which it considers to be of importance to its constituent and Guyanese in general.”

It noted that “foremost among the issues are: the immediate composition of the Ethnic Relations Commission (ERC); an immediate halt to targeting of Indo-Guyanese officials at various Levels of State based on reported cases; crime and the creation of an atmosphere of ethnic inclusiveness.”

In the statement, the IAC states that the meeting was extremely cordial and frank and was conducted in an atmosphere of “what appears to be a genuine effort to address the concerns raised. The IAC is heartened at this.”

“The IAC also anticipates that very shortly the PPP would indicate its availability for the audience requested. The IAC would continue to endeavour to stringently deliver its mandate regarding the representation of Guyanese.”



  1. The race problem will never change! We have to look back in the first place why the indians were brought to Guyana by the british! Is it because they are hard working? and the other groups that they first took to do the job was so lazy they had no choice? Even up to today this fact has never change! Granger and company will make it equal? Yeah right! I grew up in Buxton area and so many kids from there were educated, yet so lazy were in gangs stealing at nights from the indians to access fast money and do not have to hurt their skin working! Unless the APNU can force this change I do not see how it will get better! So far since they took power, PNC is on the rise again – Crime rate went from 6% to 12% over the few weeks. We need to look at the root causes of the issues instead of chasing after the past administration that will not benefit the development of the country. The question is: Can APNU put the not working people to work instead of stealing! Only time will tell!

  2. Mr President I truly admire you.You have amazing Strength and i honestly believe that you have Guyana as a country at heart.For You to entertain the IAC in what they call targeting of Indo-Guyanese truly demonstrates your willingness to involve everyone in Guyana’s future.The Removing of corrupt individuals is not targeting.The PPP/C regime employed mostly Indians to government and other positions,so if corrupt person were to be sent packing,do you expect it to be Afro-Guyanese,when they were hardly any.Come on IAC use your head.PS.”The corrupt Afro-Guyansese were also sent packing,read the news IAC”. STWWW

  3. With avalanche of claims of witch-hunting and targeting of Indo-Guyanese and so a bothersome issue rises in my mind. That is; if almost 50% of the Guyanese populace is comfortable with the corruption of the PPP and the arrogance of the likes of Rohee, so much so that they would prefer to be lead by that same regime then we have major problems in Guyana. For if it is better to be immersed in a morass of corruption that affects everyone, even those who build their mansions, and we prefer that rather than work collectively hopefully to a future that is more distinguished and better for all, then our minds must be really messed up. Wes Dem below, is a typical example of this mindset. Or is there something culturally acceptable that is at stake, that the APNU+AFC threatens? Note: culture and race are not synonymous.

  4. … until the colour of a man’s skin is of no more significance than the colour of his eyes…

  5. In your haste you missed the point that “None of Your Business” made. No one is calling for the Indo-Guyanese to go anywhere. The call is for the IAC to pack their nonesense and go back into whatever hose they emerged. The question being; where were they when Afro-Guyanese were being targeted? I shall forgive you however, if reading comprehension is also challenging you.

  6. Guyana does need some ethnic cleansing, we have to start with all the racial brain dead indivivduals who educate their children to hate other races, the political leaders who use race as a tool to hold their followers, organizations like the IAC who for 23 years stood by while the pppc marginalized the black people, the indigenous people and they never said a word, they need to be re-educated that the indigenous people werethe first people in Guyana and the blackpeople evn though they were slaves came to Guyana before them. Now that the pppc has called upon them to harrass the new government so they can point accussing fingers if ignored, they need to be ignored they are pppc aggitators.

  7. people i have one question to asked,when one is sick and in hospital and needs blood do they ask from who’s body that blood came from?so stop all the crap about race now.

  8. Iac you people need to give this administration a chance with all that ppp did you never said a word of correction so away with you.

  9. You must be one complete idiot. Guyanese Indians aren’t going no where. They have a rightful place in this country called Guyana. They toiled and built it just like the other races.

    They have a right to address issues(s) affecting them hence the President must listen and execute accordingly.

  10. Where was the IAC when jadgeo and his thugs were putting foot to Afro Guyanese? Did they request an audience? NO!! But you want a hearing like yesterday with the new administration. As much as I admired Dr. Jagan this began under his watch. Jadgeo took it to another level even denying pensions. Ask K News editor what the PPP did to him. So IAC give it a rest!!!

  11. An immediate halt to targeting of Indo-Guyanese officials? These people have no shame. Where was the voice of the IAC when Afro-Guyanese officials were targeted for 23 years during the PPP reign?

  12. exactly my point, over the years Afro-Guyanese has been targeted and i never heard them come out to say anything about that. the race card is played out in Guyana. They only have the Indian nationals at heart…send them back to where ever they came from if they feel so unsafe. Its one people one nation one destiny now

  13. The man has been in office for 40 days and IAC expects immediate attention, are they living in Guyana? with all the CRAP this man has to clean up from a build up over 23 years? You don’t get priority. If you prefer to go to the PPP/C to hold an audience, then do so, I know, you were not the only people who voted for APNU/AFC. Un-frigging-believable!


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