Dynamic Airways grounded at JFK until Tuesday


By Tracey Khan – Drakes 

10382368_744295302296036_2265904849505043411_o[www.inewsguyana.com] – Dynamic Airways aircraft  is currently being prevented by Airport Authorities  at the JFK International Airport from flying after the Airline encountered challenges there.

iNews, acting on a tip off, contacted Captain Gerald Gouveia, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Roraima Airways who confirmed this to be true.

iNews was initially informed that the action taken by US Authorities was in keeping with monetary and  legal issues.

Gouviea however, denied that this hiccup is over payment or legal issues. He clarified that the Airline has suffered this fate after its ground handling agency mixed up the luggage of several passengers.

Further Gouviea said the Airline has fired the unnamed ground handling agency and is working to hire a new company to this end.

He explained that this will not be done until Monday. “The level of service by the Guyanese connected ground handler was not up to par with the airline,” he said.

Gouviea also reiterated the Airline’s commitment to the local market and said as a new venture hiccups will emerge, however, they are determined to offer the best service to the traveling public.

He also said the passengers who are now stranded and have to return to Guyana urgently will be placed on other carriers to avoid inconvenience.

Only last evening the airline made its inaugural flight to Guyana from the JFK airport. The airline was schedule to return with passengers today.

Dynamic Airways has partnered with Roraima Airways to bring this service to Guyanese. 



  1. I would like to know if Dynamic Airways will be flying out from de 8 th of August cause I heard it has a lot of problems my money is involve can u get back to me plzs thnxs ..


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