Duo accused of killing father and his daughters freed

L-R: Avishkar Kissoon and Ganga Krishna
L-R: Avishkar Kissoon and Ganga Krishna

Twenty-five-year-old Avishkar Bissoon and 75-year-old Ganga Krishna, who were jointly charged with three counts of murder, were freed today after a no-case submission upheld by Trial Judge Brassington Reynolds.

Lawyers for the murder accused made a no-case submission during the High Court hearing, which was upheld by Justice Reynolds.

In agreeing with the lawyers, Justice Reynolds explained that the evidence led by the Prosecution was in was insufficient to support the charges brought against Krishna and Bissoon.

Bissoon and Krishna were accused of murdering 63-year-old Randolph Thomas and his two daughters, 14-year-old Tressa Rozario and 11-year-old Feresa Rozario on November 17, 2014, after setting their house on fire.

Since the commencement of the trial, the court heard the testimonies of some five witnesses, including the victims’ sister and mother and police ranks.

It was reported that on the day in question, the two sisters were asleep when the Lot 65 Robb Street, Georgetown building they occupied with their father, was allegedly set on fire.

The girls were trapped in the early-morning inferno and were burnt to death while their father jumped through a window to escape the flames but subsequently died whilst receiving medical attention at the Georgetown Public Hospital.

Attorneys-at-Law Dexter Todd and Mursalin Bacchus are representing the two accused while Prosecutor Seeta Bishundial, in association with Lisa Cave, presented the case on behalf of the State.