Dismissal of election petition: Harmon “disappointed”; AG slams APNU+AFC for misleading supporters

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and Attorney General Anil Nandlall
Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon and Attorney General Anil Nandlall

Opposition Leader Joseph Harmon says he is disappointed with the dismissal of his party’s election petition by Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George.

“Today, like you, I am disappointed and feel let down…but I remain fortified that our hierarchy of courts will correct this clear injustice which has been wrought on the Guyanese people,” Harmon said in a statement to the media.

Harmon went on to thank the APNU+AFC legal team for their efforts. He indicated that the party will be filing an appeal against the decision.

“We must appeal this at every level until justice is delivered to us. We must keep hope alive…,” he said.

Following the dismissal of the petition, scores of APNU+AFC supporters took to the streets where they terrorised businesses and commuters.

Harmon has since refused to accept responsibility for the actions of his supporters, saying “the APNU+AFC cannot and will not be held responsible for the reaction of the victimised, disenfranchised and marginalised masses.”

The Opposition Leader further insinuated that the ruling of the High Court was not impartial, but this argument was promptly rejected by Attorney General and Legal Affairs Minister Anil Nandlall.

Nandlall highlighted that “every time a judge rules against them they attack the judge…”

The Attorney General reminded that only last week the High Court ruled in the favour of the APNU+AFC in relation to the appointment of parliamentary secretaries.

“The Chief Justice was good then. Today, the Chief Justice has dismissed their decision, the Chief Justice is now a political appointee, I hear them saying that on Facebook.”

Nandlall further condemned the APNU+AFC leadership for continuing to mislead their supporters.

“They are promising people things they cannot deliver…,” Nandlall expressed as he lauded the ruling as a victory for the people.

“This decision has confirmed that the will of the people as expressed at the March 2 elections have been vindicated. This decision has confirmed that the rule of law is operable in Guyana and that the elections were held in accordance with the Constitution and the laws of Guyana,” Nandlall said.