Cop fires shot in the air as persons attempt to attack him for shutting down music


A Police Constable attached to the Reliance Police Station was last evening forced to fire a shot in the air as a group of persons attempted to attack him for shutting down their music.

The incident occurred at around 23:30hrs at Cumberland, East Canje, Berbice in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Police said an anonymous call was made, informing that motorcar, PMM 6773 was playing loud music to the disturbance of residents in the area.

As such the Police Constable responded to the report where he instructed the vehicle’s owner to turn off the music. The Police Constable also told the owner of the offence and instructed him to drive the motorcar to the Reliance Police Station.

However, the vehicle owner turned off the music and walked into his yard where some ten persons were gathered and consuming alcohol.

The group of persons then approached the police officer, contending that the cop cannot  tell the vehicle owner to drive to the station.

At this point, police said contact was made with the anti-crime patrol and while awaiting their arrival, persons in the yard started to advance towards the officer in a “fighting posture”.

Police said the persons then began to accuse the cop of being a thief in disguise and reportedly threatened to beat him.

Police further revealed that several attempts were made to attack the Police Constable who continuously warned the individuals to desist.

“As they paid no heed to the warnings, the Constable then discharged a round in the air from the Force issued .38 revolver, which kept the crowd at bay,” Police stated.

When the patrol squad arrived, the group re-entered the yard, locking the gate and shouting that no one can lock them up.

INews was told that the police retreated but the investigation into the matter is ongoing.