Civil Defence Commission, Social Protection Ministry leading flood response


cuffy[] – The Civil Defence Commission (CDC) is coordinating Flood Relief efforts and together with the Minister of Social Protection, Volda Lawrence, are assessing the need for temporary shelters in affected communities.

According to a release from the Ministry of the Presidency, the Ministry of Social Protection has been mandated by Cabinet to ensure the safety and well-being of residents of senior citizen homes and other vulnerable citizens that fall within the purview of that Ministry.

Cabinet met again at 08:00 hrs this morning, where a report on the assessment of the flood situation in Regions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 was given. From that report, Cabinet was able to determine that Region 4 is the most affected region with some flooding on the West Coast and the West Bank of Demerara in Region 3.

The Regional Chairmen and Regional Executive Officers in the other assessed regions have reported that the flood situation in their regions is manageable.

With Cabinet’s approval, an aircraft was sent out this morning at 07:40 hrs on a reconnaissance mission. The information that was gathered through that process will be shared with the CDC, the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, the Ministry of Social Protection and the Ministry of Communities as well as the regional administrations.

That report will also be presented to cabinet at 18:00 hrs this evening, by the Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Noel Holder. Minister of State Joseph Harmon, who has responsibility for the CDC, is currently meeting with the head of that organization, Colonel Chabilall Ramsarup.

The People’s Progressive Party (PPP/C) will be briefed and will be invited to participate in the flood relief efforts, according to the Ministry of the Presidency.

Meanwhile, with the long range weather forecast suggesting that there will be further intense rainfall, flooding is likely to abate within a 48 hour period.



  1. @ Bobby i agree with you 110% when are we going to stop playing politics,especially as it pertains to serious issues like this that affect everyone. I support this new Government but people need co-operate and if in times like these and when we have situations like this on our hands we cant put aside our differences,weather it be politics or race.Then God help us we are in serious trouble.Disasters usually bring people together,friend and foe.Lets see.

  2. bibi , your comment doesn’t make any sense . No one can honestly blame the present or even the previous Govt for flooding . Basically , CLIMATE CHANGE has caught us in a state of unpreparedness to deal with flooding . The same goes for many of the developed nations. Climate Change abatement is a continuous process requiring a lot of funding and a great deal of of cooperation among nations .It also requires a lot of cooperation among the various stakeholders in this country . So let us all put aside all pettiness and deal with this matter in a non- partisan manner.

  3. really is that all you can come up with?, how about this , check the report the dutch engineers give the former government about the drainage system in Georgetown before you make that statement. and to add as you can see all the miracle fix the new government taught they had and promise their supporters and just not materializing so the next best thing to do is blame the opposition.

  4. This is happening too often. With the billions of dollars spent, we are still being flooded. Could this be sabotage by group/s of people who do not have the new administration or the nation’s best interest at heart? Or to try to show ineptness of the new administration. There needs to be 24 hour security to protect vital areas/points that are prone for sabotage /vindictive workers/individuals/ negligence that may intentionally disrupt the opening and closing for water flow relief.

    There should be stringent legislation for the speedy arrest and immediate conviction of individual/s working during these shifts during a heavy rainstorm or individuals who participate in the neglect or sabotage of the water relief flow.

    I though the previous administration fixed the problem after the massive flooding several years ago. What a mess we are left with.


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