Citizen Reporter exposes Litter Bug

The vehicle with the garbage. [Citizen Reporter's Photo]

[] – As the government gears to enforce the Litter Prevention Regulations, citizens are slowly recognizing their role in curbing and eliminating the bad habit of littering and dumping garbage in the public.

The vehicle with the garbage. [Citizen Reporter's Photo]
The vehicle with the garbage. [Citizen Reporter’s Photo]
iNews was reliably informed through a citizen reporter who provided photographic evidence of a vehicle dumping garbage on the Mandela Avenue by the Lamaha Canal on Thursday, March 6.

It was highlighted by the public spirited citizen that construction waste and other refuse are regularly dumped at the location.

According to the Citizen Reporter, several notices urging the public not to dump garbage at the site were erected at the location over the past years, which litter bugs have continually ignored.

Meanwhile, it is hope that the new Litter Prevention Regulations which will be enforced by the Environmental Protection Agency with increased penalties from $5,000 to $50,000 will be a deterrent to habitual litter bugs.  



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