Chinese/Indian Logging Companies dispute media reports


logging[] – In light of several articles published relating to the operations of Chinese Logging Company, Bai Shan Lin and Indian Company, Vaitrana Holding Pvt Inc, both entities today issued separate statements debunking and clarifying the reports.

Below is a statement from Bai Shan Lin followed by Vaitrana Holding Pvt:

Employment figure and Salary System of Bai Shan Lin operation

Bai Shan Lin salary scheme is divided into three parts: interior, office/clerical, and contracted.

For interior, most of the Guyanese salaries are payable by performance, in other words, the more you have worked, the more you will earn. Such as, truck drivers, the more trips a drive make a higher salary will be earned. For inventory staff, the higher amounts of inventory of blocks, a higher salary will be earned. For heavy machinery operators, the more cubic meter of logs skidded; a higher salary will be earned. However, most of Bai Shan Lin salaries for interior staff are more than 60,000 Guyana dollars per month.

For office/clerical, Bai Shan Lin have different categories; cleaner, supervisor, manager, deputy general manager, finance controller, managing director etc. But the minimum salary for the above mentioned position is at least 60,000 Guyana dollars per month.

For contracting, Bai Shan Lin have the consultant doing ESIA, contracting for doing inventory blocks. However, those who are working for the contractors, mostly the contractor is responsible for their salary, this also will be more than 60,000 Guyana dollars per month.


Non Guyaese     GUYANESE/LOCALS  
Army Truck Driver 1   Container Manager 1
Bulldozer Operator 4   Engineer 1
Chief Manager 1   Grader Operator 1
Contractor 1   Inventory Captain 1
Contractor Monitor 1   Inventory Supervisor 1
Dump Truck Driver 14   Mechanic 1
Excavator Operator 2   Ship Captain 1
Loader Operator 2   Skidder Chokerman 1
Logging Truck Driver 8   Skidder Operator 1
Manager Assistant 1   Vice Captain 1
Oil Tank Driver 1   Welder 1
Road Roller Operator 1   Bulldozer Operator 2
Skidder Operator 10   Excavator Operator 2
Station Manager 1   Mechanic Chokerman 2
Team Captain 3   Log Measurer 3
Total 51   Sailor 3
      Dump Truck Driver 4
      Mack Truck Driver 4
      Cook 5
      ESIA Consultant 5
      Inventory Member 5
      Loader Operator 5
      Logging Truck Driver 5
      ESIA Biodiversity Team 7
      Inventory Contractor 7
      Chainsaw Chokerman 14
      Chainsaw Operator 14
      Inventory Staff 53
      Total 151




With regards to the article published on Vaitrana Holding Pvt Inc as on August 14, 2014 in Stabroek News, the Company would like to clarify misinformationwith respect to the construction of our saw mill at Wineperu.Please find the below mentioned comments:


Sec A:

  1. Vaitarna Holding Pvt Inc.have signed a contract with a design consultant in Guyana for the construction of saw mill on 12th march 2014.The necessary design for the saw mill has been approved by the management and we have floated tender for the contractors. The design has been finalized and the structure will be implemented through local contractors. Please find the attached design for your reference.


  1. Vaitarna Holding Pvt Inc. has placed an order for wood miser WM 4000(2 units) machinery along with additional value added equipments. Thepurchase agreement with wood miser has been signed on 20th of February 2014 and the initial payment for the machinery has been made. The machinery will be in Guyana once the structure of the saw mill is nearing completion. Please find the attached purchase agreement copy for your reference.


  1. The structure for the saw mill will be done completely with Guyana hardwood. As per the industry experts these wood require seasoning/Air drying for few months before the construction to avoid any splits/bend in the main columns.


Keeping all these factors in mind,Vaitarna Holding Pvt Inc. is expecting to near completion of the saw mill tentatively by end of 2014.The company has created and will be creating job opportunities by setting up the saw mill and the priority will be given to local communities while recruiting.

Sec B:

  1. To speed up production, Vaitarna Holding Pvt Inc.have purchased 4 brand new Macktrucks which will be arriving in Guyana tentatively on 19th of August 2014. Already, Vaitarna Holding Pvt Inc. has recruited local drivers for these trucks and will undergo training by Mack engineers before they commence work.




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  2. the peddled lies become truth when no one debunk it immediately and not wait for weeks for a response..who are there to hold the media accountable? no one…the media trample and slander like its going out of style in order the get their people to rule so they their friend their families can have a piece of the pie…take for instance the Marriott Hotel if lets say Granger as president..The hotel Peg owner will kill that Marriott and Granger will have no choice but to go along with it..Granger as president means Ramjattan friends will get their specialty contracts to build whatever they want..too bad..its how the cookie crumble…the nation will suffer at the hands of a handful people who will stop at nothing to grab power..

  3. I could just picture nephew-in-law busy working the phones instructing the Chinese and Indians to put out statements denying and obfuscating. We now know why Jagdeo created a Natural Resources Ministry and placed Robert in charge. The PPP has to go, or Guyana will!

  4. unadulterated mischief by the opposition media. they don’t want any development under the present government. I wonder who would be their next target/ victim.


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