CARICOM reiterates call for end to GAZA killings


article-2687143-1F8ADD5500000578-229_964x642[www.inewsguyana.copm] – The Caribbean Community (CARICOM) reiterates its call for a ceasefire between Israel and the Palestinians in Gaza to bring an end to the hostilities and the appalling bloodshed being caused by the bombardments, shelling and ground invasion

CARICOM said in a statement “with the toll of civilian deaths and wounded mounting incrementally in Gaza, the vast majority being in particular women and children; with hundreds of homes and civilian buildings such as schools destroyed or severely damaged; with few if any safe havens for the thousands of displaced Palestinians, the question must be raised as to whether the principles of proportionality and the norms of international humanitarian law and of international human rights are being respected in the assault on Gaza.”

In like manner, the continuing launching of rockets from Gaza targeting the Israeli civilian population is in breach of these norms, as is the location of firing sites and weapons close to United Nations schools used as shelters as well as close to concentrations of civilians, CARICOM observed.

In this regard it said “as the humanitarian situation in Gaza worsens dramatically, the Caribbean Community joins its collective voice to the calls coming from many quarters in the international community for all the parties involved to cease hostilities and end the intolerable escalation of death, destruction and violence.

Only recently the Guyana Government said it continues to follow the tragic events obtaining in Gaza and condemns in the strongest of terms the deaths of hundreds of innocent lives including women and children.

According to the administration, the action has signaled a wanton disregard for the internationally renowned symbolism of the United Nations.

The Government reiterates its call for a peaceful and lasting solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.




  1. It is time the world stop being a blind to the crimes that is being done to the Palestinian people. first of all they are being lilled for their own land

  2. CARICOM should have been calling foe an end when their kit n kin was raping up guyana for 28 long hard suffering years…guyana should have done with this CRRICOM thing long ago… should be called CARIGONE now…imagine carl greenidge was some king of big ting in CARIGONE… such a dunce and they didnt know it? hey but he is a kit and he is a kin…they love he..


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