Santa Rosa Village receives vehicles from Amerindian Affairs Ministry

The keys to the back- hoe are handed over to a village councillor by Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai
The keys to the back- hoe are handed over to a village councillor by Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai

[] – The Village Council of the Moruca sub-region of Santa Rosa Village in Region One, was recently presented with three pick-ups and a back-hoe by Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai. The vehicles are part of Government’s commitment to the development agenda of the Amerindian villages across the Hinterland.

The vehicles are not the first batch provided to the sub- region. Over the past three years, the Amerindian Affairs Ministry on behalf of Government contributed a variety of vehicles including tractors, mini buses, boats and engines and pick-ups.  In addition, two years ago a pick-up was provided to enable the enhancement of the security aspect of the village.

Minister Sukhai pointed out that four buses were also provided to Waramuri, Karaburi, Kamwatta and Kwebanna. She added that the three pick- ups which were slated to be handed over would go to the Santa Rosa Village Council towards enhancing village administration.

The Minister explained that the vehicles are costly and implored the Council to take utmost care with their operation and maintenance “so that it will bring benefit to the communities which have received them.”

Minister Sukhai pointed out that while very few communities request parts and fuel, they will be needed at times. “You ensure that when you use the vehicles, you drive with care …it comes at a cost and it comes with the contribution of Guyana’s taxpayers. You will understand that there are many critics who continues to say that the money that is invested in the indigenous communities are a waste of time and a waste of Guyana’s money and a waste of tax payers money,” she emphasised.

One of the pick-ups
One of the pick-ups

“Therefore I think that the responsibility of every village council is to ensure that the investment and the support received from the Government should be respected in a way that you prove the critics wrong,” the Minister said.

The back-hoe’s use will be overlooked by a management committee. It is expected to aid in the maintenance of both the main and internal roads of the community.

The Minister added that while Santa Rosa Village is developing fast, the level of resources has not kept up, and “the back- hoe, I believe is going to play a critical role.”

[Extracted and modified from GINA]




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