Businesses not over elections slump yet

The state of Regent Street during the elections period. [iNews' Photo]

By Jomo Paul

Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud
Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud

[] – While it is known that Guyana’s Private Sector hates elections, as was declared by Private Sector Commission (PSC) member Ramesh Dukhoo, the business community is still reeling from the effects of the May 11 general and regional polls with business being slower than usual.

Chairman of the PSC, Ramesh Persaud told iNews during an interview that the business community is still experiencing a sloth in business and things are not the way it should be in the business sector.

“Things are a bit slow and things have not returned to normal as yet…I am not sure exactly the reason but things are slower than usual at this time of the year,” Persaud told iNews.

He indicated that this is the general consensus of the PSC following a meeting, where concerns were raised. Persaud however is still optimistic that the situation will return to normalcy.

“I am sure it will return to normalcy; as to when, I am not sure,” the Chairman stated.

He further noted, “People maybe are waiting to see what is in the budget and what becomes of the 100-day plan.”

The state of Regent Street during the elections period. [iNews' Photo]
The state of Regent Street during the elections period. [iNews’ Photo]
The APNU+AFC coalition has produced a 100 day plan that entails the review of taxes, increase of salaries and old age pension, an anti-corruption fight, liberalization of the Telecommunication and ICT sectors, several task forces on crime and security, and benefits for Guyana’s small miners.

The tensions just after the closely contested polls had forced several businesses to remain closed as Guyanese waited for the declaration of official results from the Guyana Elections Commission.

Indeed for a district that is always a traffic nightmare and happens to be Guyana’s commercial central, – Regent Street on Wednesday May 13 – two days after the close of polls; appeared quite desolate with sparse vehicles on the road.

Several businesses as observed by iNews Guyana were closed which is completely out of the norm. Other businesses had extra security officers on hand and had taken a series of other noticeable precautionary measures.

Some parents had stopped sending their children to school hoping the eerie atmosphere of tension would blow over.




  1. The consumer has power. If you hold on to your money or spend strategically, those who boast about their money in the bank may finally appreciate your importance to the equation. Stop spending like there is no tomorrow black people. During the 60’s in the US the consumer changed the Black riding at the back of the bus law. You do have power!!!

  2. Why Should Guyana’s Private Businesses Hate Elections?

    Provided we are still living in A Secular Democracy. The Business community could still thrive and profit.

    Unless they are afraid of their own EVIL and Clandestine Intentions.

    Consumers will continue to spend their money, if they still have disposable income available.

    But if the National Un-employment situation don’t improve soon, consumers cannot spend more than needed, and no New Source of revenue for businesses will be forthcoming either.


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