Pensioner shot, robbed of $2M in North Ruimveldt


POLICE INVOLVED SHOOTING[] – A 67-year-old man is nursing gunshot wounds about his body after he was attacked in a daring mid-day robbery in North Ruimveldt on Friday, June 19.

According to a statement from the Guyana Police Force, at about 12:45 hrs on Friday, Reginald Manbodh had just returned home in his motor vehicle at North Ruimveldt, Georgetown when he was attacked by two men.

According to the police, the pensioner was held at gunpoint by the men, one of whom was armed with a handgun.

During the robbery, Manbodh was shot to his arms and left foot by the armed man who took away an envelope with $2M. Police indicated that the perpetrators then escaped on a motorcycle.

Investigations are in progress and the pensioner has been admitted to a city hospital.



  1. I am inclined to believe that you are not referring to this day light robbery with violence as petty crime which, as youmentioned, “must. be eradicated from our streets and offices”.
    Robbery with violence is a serious crime which has increased astronomically over the past month and there seems to be no strategy to arrest this situation.
    I am not going to suggest that something must be done. When in opposition, Granger boasted that he knew exactly what needed to be done and as a former military man surrounded by others who were in uniform, must put into place with immediate effect, all the plans he boasted about in order to arrest the heinous crimes perpetrated against innocent civilians day after day .

  2. Robbery In Broad Daylight?

    And pensioners are the MOST vulnerable.

    Most are too feeble or frail to represent themselves physically, in any altercation with bandits.

    Petty Crime MUST be eradicated from our streets and offices, by any means necessary.


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