BREAKING: Sam Hinds, former senior Gov’t officials questioned by Police – as part of NICIL probe


Several senior ministers in the previous PPP/C Government have, over the past few days, been subjected to a series of questions by members of the Special Organised Crime Unit  (SOCU) of the Guyana Police Force, as it relate to the ongoing NICIL probe.

INews was reliably informed that among those questioned so far by the Police are former Prime Minister Sam Hinds, former Minister of Tourism and Housing Mr Irfaan Ali, Former Presidential Advisor on Governance Ms Gail Teixeira, Senior PPP Official Nigel Dharamlall and former Head of the Presidential Secretariat Dr Roger Luncheon.

Ms. Gail Teixeira
Ms. Gail Teixeira

Teixeira told a news conference earlier today that ranks, identified as serving members of the Guyana Police Force, turned up at their homes over the past few days asking a number of questions, and advising that they would be made to answer more questions at a later date.

According to Teixeira, they were told by the SOCU ranks that this is the first phase of looking at statements and issues raised in a NICIL audit report that relate to criminal activity.

Describing it as a “fishing expedition”, Teixeira is of the view that SOCU is being used capriciously to target people and embarrass them.

Former minister, Irfaan Ali
Former minister, Irfaan Ali

The Guyana Police Force recently received the audit report on the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) from the coalition government and has begun investigations to determine if any criminality was involved in the management of the controversial State holding company. The report was prepared by former Auditor General Anand Goolsarran.

Head of NICIL, Winston Brassington and his deputy, Marcia Nadir-Sharma, were both sent on administrative leave to facilitate the probe, launched by the eight-month-old AFC/APNU government on especially officials of the previous administration.






  1. I am getting tired of these witch hunts. Can’t this Defacto Government focus their energy on running this country constructively???? They are just wasting tax payers money on all these witch hunts. So far nothing has been found on any of these PPP Ministers.

  2. BREAKING: Sam Hinds, former senior Gov’t officials questioned by Police – as part of NICIL probe
    This is design to drive fear into all Guyanese once you are in opposition to PNC.
    PPP should now learn a valuable lesson.
    When PPP came to office in 92 it should have gone after some big wig PNCites.
    Jagan failed the majority Guyanese followed by successive PPP presidents.
    PNC teaching PPP and opposition to PNC how power must be taken care of.

  3. I can’t wait to see these bunch of PPP thieves behind bars, they must face the consequences for tax payer’s monies, they has destroyed the social fabrics of our society.

  4. I believe the process that has begun is a good one. I fully support the ideals and objectives of the PPP since I was in Secondary school and am now 53 years old. For the past 25 years I have been living out of Guyana, and the passage of time away from the day to day politics has been a relief since I was an active participant. A major error on the part of the PPP/C Government was a seeming incapacity to resolutely defend itself from the allegations it was subjected to from the opposition in all of it forms. The PPP/C government therefore stand to be blamed. Further, if a simple action like cleaning Georgetown was done, they would have secured enough votes to have ensured continuity in government. They also failed to foster and engender a sense of national pride which the PNC under Burnham did and the new regime has been quick to engage in. This is good for the country. But back to the investigations. It is good and once the allegations are disproved, facts aligned logically, clarity is brought whether in or out of court it dialectically gives rise to renewed credibility to those individuals who have been accused for all manner of things. If one looks at what has started it surreptitiously moving from grand theft, and corruption to ADMINISTRATIVE malaise… the good will triumph !!!!

  5. Be sensible, do your research before making comments that you cannot substantiate.
    Also it is time we, as Guyanese take pattern from developed states where government officials are held accountable for taxpayers dollars.
    I believe you are just repeating the trash you heard.


  7. Billions are under investigation because it’s too much for the PNC to count. The PNC cannot believe that the PPP could have left the treasury with so much BILLIONS of dollars.
    The police need to also question Carl Greenidge as to why the PNC was running at a loss and why the treasury was empty, and why NICIL never show a profit under the PNC.


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