Breaking!!! TUSCHEN TEEN HANGS SELF…suicide note allegedly found expressing love for 17-year-old boyfriend


Reports reaching INews today indicated that a 13-year-old secondary school student (name withheld) of Tuschen, East Bank Essequibo is Guyana’s latest suicide victim. INews understands that the teen was found hanging in her bedroom on Tuesday around 12 pm.

The Vergenoegen Secondary School student was discovered by her guardian, Rojinie Sobers around Tuesday Midday, minutes after the child went upstairs to take a nap.

suicide 1Sobers said the discovery was made when she went upstairs to check on the teen, after numerous calls for her went unanswered.

While the motive for the teen’s action is not yet known, the child’s grandmother Stephanie Fredricks said that the family found a note allegedly written by the teen expressing her love for a 17-year-old boy.

Guyana’s suicide rate continues to escalate out of control and many are of the view that Government, in spite of its promises to tackle the scourge head-on, has so far done very little in this regard.

The sudden upsurge in suicide on the Essequibo Coast in  Region Two (Pomeroon-Supenaam) within the past 30 days, coupled with the recent tragic incident in Berbice where a 14-year-old girl and her 20-year-old male paramour hung themselves, has become cause for concern.

Additionally, on Sunday alone, four other persons attempted to take their own lives in Region Two, prompting many to intensify the call for greater action at the national level to comprehensively and holistically address this social bane, particularly for the Government to act swiftly.





  1. Exactly I do agree that the government has nothing to do with youths wanting to commit suicide….instead the parents should pay more attention to their kids n talk to them n show them some attention

  2. The government isn’t responsible for your personal life what a twelve and thirteen years old want with sex and boyfriend study your books be someone good in society make your parents proud men aren’t going anywhere these parents should sit and talk with their children

  3. Why is the government responsible to stop young people from committing suicide? Where are the parents? Where are the role models? How is it that 12 year olds and 14 year olds are committing suicide because of a guy…they should be studying their books, not boys!

  4. Breaking!!! TUSCHEN TEEN HANGS SELF…suicide note allegedly found expressing love for 17-year-old boyfriend
    They cant take PNC pressure so this is the best thing to do.

  5. What can a government do to prevent a person who is bent on killing themself from doing so? What? Shoot them?

  6. PNC/AFC a make all them people commit suicide well is that many voted for and thank God there is no PPP/C government is only God got to help you people now in Guyana.

  7. There seem to be no answer by the PNC and the two rubber stamp namely, Naga the snake and Rummy jaat the Blind that claimed to be watching us with one eye.
    Our conclusion is that the blind PNC trying to lead the blind AFC. What a shame!
    The PNC had promised to put a stopping to crime and suicide instead the PNC is promoting crimes by setting criminals free and putting soldiers to spy on us and run us to kill us.


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