CAL announces ‘special packages’ to Guyanese Diaspora for 50th Golden Jubilee celebrations


As Guyana continues preparations for its 50th Golden jubilee celebrations, Caribbean Airlines has launched a package deal, which will see special travel rates being offered to the Guyanese Diaspora who are travelling home to observe the celebrations.

This was according to Sales Executive of Caribbean Airlines, Dion Innis, who told the media on Tuesday that the airline has already given thought to reducing the airfares for persons travelling during that period.

“The discussion for reducing the cost has already been made since September. We have been trying to keep fares at an affordable rate. I urge persons to start making arrangements early,” Innis disclosed.

In addition to the branding of the aircrafts and the reduction of fares for travellers, the Caribbean Airline’s package deal” comprises of other components which will be enforced during the period leading up to the celebration. This includes the airlifting of items which are needed for the celebration but needs to be purchased overseas and taking representatives from Guyana to related functions overseas at a reduced price or at no cost



  1. CAL announces ‘special packages’ to Guyanese Diaspora for 50th Golden Jubilee celebrations
    Sorry Cal..many many many PNC overseas supporters cant come home in droves for PNC jump since lots of them are on food stamps and daily bread food banks.

  2. All this is great, but the fact is that when Guyanese arrive at Piarco, Trinidad, they should be treated with respect by that country’s immigration officials.
    Guyanese should stand up to these Trinis for what is humanly right.


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