Brazilians top Guyana’s employment visa list

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix

By Jomo Paul

Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix
Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix

[] – Minister of Citizenship, Winston Felix has revealed that since 2012, Brazilians have consecutively topped the list of persons applying for employment visas in Guyana.

Felix made the announcement while presenting his debate on the 2015 Budget, where he noted that in 2012, 1,050 individuals received employment visas and of that amount, 999 were for Brazilian nationals who traveled to Guyana.

The trend continued in 2013 with 422 applications for Brazilians and in 2014 694 for Brazilians out of a total of 744. Thus far in 2015, 304 applications have been processed with 236 being Brazilian nationals.

While Felix made it clear that his revelations should not be seen as an attack on Brazilians, there is need for Guyanese to have equal access to the local labour market.

“We are not averse to visitors; what we are saying is that Guyanese must have an equal play…They (People’s Progressive Party) had no regards for Guyanese labour,” said the Citizenship Minister.

He explained that visas were granted for menial jobs such as cooks and cleaners.

“We must ensure that the interest of Guyanese citizens are protected and preserved…Our people should not be left to look on as other people come in and do the same jobs they can perform,” he said.



  1. Guyana needs a larger population to populate its lands, and a bigger revenue base however much care and planning must be considered.
    Haitians do not consider themselves aligned to the English speaking caribbean except for opportunistic reasons. Do some homework check out the Bahamas Government.

    Any large scale immigration would require very careful planning and a change in our constitution on Citizenship and land holding.
    If not carefully implemented Guyanese would find themselves at the end of the same rope the Jackass is tied on.

  2. Who say minister Felix wrong they r not guyanese I am a guyanese I second the minister because some place in guyana guyanese can even walk right now all the gold going to Venezuela n is Spanish n Brazilan controlling n tax payers like i am guyanese too license purpector can walk on guyana land

  3. Sly some of the locals don’t even want to work and work hard. They rather sit down and depend on their families who are struggling overseas to send all the barrels and the money each month. And then they squander. I have seen that on my many visits to Guyana.

  4. Why only Haitians m sally.we have enough africans already and too much bullying in our country we need no more.We don,t need voodoo practices to be another problem to deal with.

  5. Why Haitian only and in that number?Sinister motive. That’s your intention; changing the demographics of the country where by people of African descent will be the dominant ethnic group in guyana. They are already dominating the army, GPF, civil service and state way Jose

  6. The ultimate solution to Guyana’s perennial problem of being grossly underpopulated is to facilitate the imminent settlement of no less than 200,000 Haitians over a phased-in period of no more than five years.
    This will definitely solve the quagmire that we face in terms of inadequate labour supply in the country’s promising agri sector. The Haitians are extremely hard working, illustrious, dedicated and will be forever committed to Guyana giving them an opportunity. Besides this, they love to work the land.

    I am absolutely certain that the Haitian authorities will welcome this kind gesture from Guyana as a fellow CARICOM member state despite the sad fact that Haitians are not permitted to move freely within CARICOM which is a gross violation of the Revised Treaty of Chaguaramas and the Caribbean Single Market & Economy.

    In the 1970s, the late President LFS Burnham had established a similar scheme for St. Lucian migrants -many of whom settled in the Soesdyke-Linden Highway area and were affectionately referred as ‘Paliwals’ as some old enough will remember.

    The Haitians are a very strong, confident and proud people and will integrate very well with us by enriching our culture with their vibrant artistry, language, cuisine and unparalleled work ethic.

  7. He is not educated to be a minister in the first place,if people are coming to work and invest in the country why complain?then again he has to say something to justify his salary.I hope when the investigation started as promise by the President Felix will tell us what he knows about the death of detective Leon Frazer.

  8. Mr Felix needs to tell the nation how many Guyanese travelled to Brazil illegally and worked illegally and are now legally settled there. His revelation about work permits for Brazilians clearly shows his suspicions and bias against the Brazilians. His excuse about Guyanese must have equal an equal play is absolute rubbish. Guyana is vastly underpopulated and it needs more people to invest so that the economy could expand. If the locals have the skills and finance then why are they not investing? If all those countries should start treating or taking steps to stop Guyanaese from entering or staying in their respective countries, then the Guyanaese authorities will start crying foul.


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