Brazil says first suspected Ebola case tests negative


ebola-2[] – Brazil says a Guinean man who had been suspected of having Ebola has tested negative for the disease.

The man arrived in the country on Thursday and had been quarantined.

Souleymane Bah went to a public health centre in the town of Cascavel in the southern state of Parana after suffering a fever.

He was flown to the National Institute of Infectology in Rio de Janeiro but fears he was the country’s first case of Ebola infection proved unfounded.

Health Minister Arthur Chioro said “all health protocols and procedures were applied efficiently and with great success”.

Guinea is one of the three West African countries most affected by Ebola.

Mr Bah’s symptoms appeared on the 20th day after he left Guinea – within the 21-day incubation period. He no longer has the fever.

Mr Bah arrived in Brazil as a refugee and was granted leave to remain until 2015 by immigration police.

Sixty-four people who came into contact with Mr Bah, mostly in the health centre in Parana, were monitored for symptoms of Ebola. (BBC) 




  1. It is time, for all government to close it’s borders and if possible stop flight to these heavily affect countries. Bought in and out until this Ebola disease is under control or we will be facing a world wide epidemic which will hit the poorer countries very hard seeing the do not have the necessary equipment and means to deal with this. Or is this a deliberate move to control world population? My opinion is that they with held the right treatment from that ma in Texas, deliberately allowing him to die so as not to have to deal with an inflow of sick people trying to get well.


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