Granger backs Speaker’s call for Legal Dept. at Parliament

Parliament Buildings

By Kurt Campbell

APNU Leader, David Granger
APNU Leader, David Granger

[] – Opposition Leader and Leader of the opposition coalition – A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) – has thrown his support behind House Speaker Raphael Trotman and his parliamentary counterpart – The Alliance for Change (AFC) – in calls for Parliament to have its own legal department.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Granger said there is much justification in that call.

He explained that while there is a Chief Parliamentary Counsel (CPA) that should be providing the services similar to what the department will provide, the opposition has been unable to secure the services of the CPC.

Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman.
Speaker of the National Assembly, Raphael Trotman.

“The Chief Parliamentary Counsel is located in a political ministry [Legal Affairs Ministry] and sometimes the opposition is unable to secure the services,” Granger added.

He reminded that the opposition had long called for an office of Legal Counsel which he said was discussed with some international organizations.

“We have not been able to draft Bills and don’t get legal advisory support which is required in the House,” he added.

He said the calls are “quiet prudent.”

Meanwhile, Granger has reiterated his call for Parliamentary Office of Budget

“The Budget is an extremely complicated document and the absence of a budget office has hindered the opposition in preparing estimates or doing research needed to counter the government on the floor.”

While Trotman is concerned about the absence of a Budget Office, he says a legal department for the National Assembly is needed urgently.







  1. That is shocking. The Legislature is suppose to have a Legal Department. I guess NOT having one is part of the PROGRESS that Mr. Ramotar spoke about in DC. SMH

  2. you said: “The Budget is an extremely complicated document’

    The Budget sure is a complicated document Sir. The PPP/C and its stalwarts worked very hard to put it together. Now you want a lawyer to understand what is written.
    Why are you running for President? Maybe I should too since I do not know or understand the budget.
    We are doomed!
    You Sir and Mr Ramjattan may not know what it is all about. This perhaps may be the reason you people look at dollar sign and if it look big, cut it. If it is about Linden leave it alone.
    Sir they say, ignorance of the Law is no excuse.
    How can one lead a country with extremely shallow knowledge?
    So you need lawyers? Of course, all the lawyers from the APNU and AFC will now be paid by the Government!

  3. just like how pnc stacked the judiciary in its favor they want to do same in parliament..imagine these pnc people know they can not cut government estimated..they either vote for or against it and thats that to think they won a lottery after last election so they want to buy everything for their house..the next election will prove that the peoples house does not and will never be pnc house..jata n mottoo will soon find out that jagan did not die and left country for them..they will find that out the hard election no one will hear of naga & jatah….pnc goose done cook already and pnc in on it for their free ride at present..granger put a big pad lock pon de gate at linden locking out some pncites the march and protest for LGE didnt pan out for grungah..guyanese know that grungah is bunham order taker and not politician..


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