Bharrat Jagdeo as Opposition Leader


By The Piper

Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo
Opposition Leader, Bharrat Jagdeo

Moses Nagamootoo recently called the former President of Guyana, Bharrat Jagdeo, a ‘coolie-bully’. By any measure, that construction is way beyond the protocols of parliamentary practice, a fact recognized by a wide swath of civil society.

I suppose nothing surprises anyone in Guyana anymore, even the behavior of those who solemnly promised to deliver the duties of their offices with acumen and dignity.

There was, however, one notable surprise. Rather than lash out at the Prime Minister’s indiscretion, Jagdeo brushed it off and allowed the matter to settle. That is a good sign, not only for the ‘new’ Jagdeo and the PPP, but also for parliament and ultimately the Guyanese people who are the final arbiters. It goes without saying that Jagdeo’s studied demeanor is a model worth emulating. Things may be looking-up folks!

It must be said that the calm with which the former President handled the ‘coolie-bully’ issue was in many ways uncharacteristic. One could well imagine that had Moses hurled such an invective a few years ago, Bharrat would have pounced on him in an instant and with equal vitriol. That was generally the order of things just a few years ago.

The bigger picture here is that Jagdeo seems to be adjusting to his role as Opposition Leader. A few things come to mind. His united stand with the Government of Guyana on the Venezuela border dispute, though expected, is good to have on the record. In many countries opposition leaders wait for some kind of foreign threat to mount an attack against the sitting government.

Still on the foreign policy front, the new opposition leader seems to have accepted the right of the current administration to proceed with the turn-over of personnel, most of whom are being replaced (it appears) by party-connected individuals.The Piper

On the domestic front, Jagdeo is bolder. He is now challenging the APNU+AFC administration to come clean on assets of cabinet ministers (and why not, parliamentarians?). The former President is even having some fun with this stuff as witnessed in jocular notion that he himself is rich because of financial help from Ramjattan’s sales of gun licenses. While there is much to be laughed at here, it should be clear that the new opposition leader means business – without railing!

The latest big policy issue advocated by Jagdeo is that the GoG should consider buying the Berbice Bridge by drawing on the $30B that are in the so-called private accounts in various government agencies. This is actually worth considering for a host of reasons, three of which come to mind.

By taking control of the Berbice Bridge, the APNU+AFC would be able to actually fulfill a campaign promise, a good promise to boot. In addition to easing the burden on the average passenger, the move would be a real boost to small businesses.

Finally, President David Granger has said that the Venezuela matter is driving away foreign investment. It is important to also keep in mind that not adhering to major infrastructural contracts is not especially welcoming to foreign investors.

The ‘new’ Jagdeo, as Opposition Leader, seems to have found a different form, one that is more focused, and without bluster. We should keep an eye on things, to see if the turn is real, or just another fleeting moment.




  1. Mr jagdeo is only intress is try and regain power so that he could continue rob plounder this nation of ours so most can’t see that because our country as black and indian jagdeo’s gov was a narco gov he got rich off drug money that’s how got his riches

  2. Jagdeo is right to leave Nagamottoo to wallow in his own filth.
    The man has absolute no same knowing if an election were to be held between Jagdeo and Nagamoottoo at Whim where Nagamoottoo were born Jagdeo win hands down.
    If elections were to be held and its free fair and transparent between the Installed Granger and Jagdeo Jagdeo win hands down.
    Only today Ramkarran let it out the bag that PPP was rude to the US- west- thats why PPP lost the election.
    They say those whom installed you to rule they can take you out at any given time.
    It was US that installed PNC to rule and it was US that called for free fair transparent election in Guyana in 92.
    Thats how its done in Guyana when US wants regime change.
    They install PNC and when US no longer can sustain PNC the US calls for free fair transparent election. Jagdeo has class.

  3. Our ex President (Dr. Jagdeo) moved this country and people forward regardless of creed,colour or political affiliation. This is a great individual that put Guyana back on the map and turn this economy around. Dr. Jagdeo contributed tremendously to our country and its citizens. We will forever be greatful to Dr. Jagdeo.

  4. My comments are not usually posted on this blog because they are not supportive of the Granger government. I am trying this below:

    When Janet Jagan stepped down as the President of Guyana and put Bharat Jagdeo as her replacement, her words to the Guyanese people were: ” I am putting someone there with lots of brain power”. Those blinded by greed, hate and envy never saw Jagdeo for who he really is but lived in constant denial and hateful fantasy about him. Haters!!!! Good to see this online News outfit and others, gradually coming to recognize a great man. This is not the “new” Jagdeo, it is the same Jagdeo that you (this news outfit) Nagamootoo (now defacto PM) and the APNU, AFC, WPA, etc etc failed to acknowledge and recognize. They will probably never recognize him.

    Throw some basic economics, econometrics or Governance 101 to Nagamootoo and he is at sea. The late Janet Jagan’s choice for Guyana was well studied and wise. I am happy that people like Nagamootoo is finally with a group where he truly belongs.

  5. Jagdeo should bring a case of racial discrimination against Nagamootoo, just as Ram did against Jagdeo. The current administration is censoring emails in Guyana, dictatorship is in full swing.

  6. Pure shit. The man want to play he is a bully. He only calm down to go into snake mode. Then he gun raise up and bite u and unleash the venom everyone knows. Snake does shed their skin. But it does grow bank. So keep an eye on the snake.

  7. Dr. Jagdeo is a man of immense political intellect and can easily and quickly adapt at any prevailing atmosphere. Unlike the PM who is all hate and vindictiveness and who now has a final opportunity to attack the former president because of his personal grievances with the PPP and particularly Dr Jagdeo – the entire Guyanese community knows this; same for Ramjattan. The PNC faction is using these two, who are the true collie bully to attack the Indians and the PPP. What a new low these two former die hard PPP has stooped. Jagdeo is the only capable politician that can take this country back to economic stability and he will. Guyanese are urging him not to fall prey to these PPP haters!!


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