Berbice woman dies in fire set by fleeing bandits


The Guyana Police Force has launched an intensive probe into the shocking death of a West Coast Berbice woman who was reportedly burnt alive after bandits set her Bath Settlement home on fire when they fled the scene.

The incident is said to have occurred around 3:50 hrs this morning at Plantation Bath in West Berbice. Inews understands that Anita Bethune and her son were at home when the bandits attacked. The mother and son duo were badly beaten, with the son reportedly sustaining several chop wounds to his body. The bandits escaped with cash and other valuables. In a barbaric move, however, the bandits set the house on fire before they fled with the mother and son still trapped inside. The injured son managed to escape but his mother perished in the blaze. Inews will bring you more on this breaking story as details emerge.



  1. Banditry of the past PNC is here afresh. A soldier and his wife die trying to attack PPP people. “Kick down the door” was invented by the PNC and the then army and is now alive with Ramjattan. Guyana is in a terrible state.

  2. da man eye cack he cant see straight going after honest people while the bandits wreck havock among hard working people and its going to get worst God help / save us all.

  3. Berbice woman dies in fire set by fleeing bandits
    Cack Eye Rumjhaat too busy talking to the press about bringing Asheny to justice.
    De cack eye bana cant go after thieves like this but he calling Ashney a teef so he going after he with gusto.


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