UPDATE: Berbice woman dies in fire set by fleeing bandits


The Guyana Police Force has confirmed that an intensive probe has been launched into the shocking death of a West Coast Berbice woman who was reportedly burnt alive after bandits set her Bath Settlement home on fire when they fled the scene.

Police in a statement issued around noon today, confirmed an earlier Inews report, noting that investigations are being conducted into the circumstances surrounding the death of Anita Baichan, 49 years, of Plantation Hope, Bath Settlement, who perished in a fire at her home about 02:30hrs today Sunday January 03, 2016.

The police said initial investigations indicate that two men armed with cutlasses entered the home and held up Anita Baichan and her son Moshim Khan, 28 years, and demanded cash and jewellery.

The perpetrators were given $30,000 but kept demanding more valuables. Having not received anything further from the victims the men used duct tape to tie the hands, feet and mouth of the victims and set the house on fire before escaping.

The police said Moshim Khan managed to roll out of the building but subsequent efforts, with assistance from neighbouring residents, failed to save Anita Baichan.

Moshim Khan, who was struck about his body with a cutlass during the incident, has been hospitalised.







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