Crabwood Creek man dies from stab wound to neck

Asif Hafeez and wife, Abiola Garnette a few days before his death
Asif Hafeez and wife, Abiola Garnette a few days before his death

The Guyana Police Force is currently investigating the murder of Asif Hafeez, 24, of Crabwood Creek, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne). The incident reportedly occurred around 01:30 hrs on New Year’s morning.

The police, in a statement, said Hafeez was imbibing with another man at Crabwood Creek when an argument ensued between them and he was stabbed to his neck. He was pronounced dead on arrival at the Skeldon Hospital.
The now dead man’s wife Abiola Garnette also called ‘Annie’ said she and her husband had just returned from an Old Year’s Night party held at the house next to their Lot 72 Grant 1780 CWC home.
The two, according to Garnette, became involved in an argument.
“Me an me boy had a lil talking upstairs an the man that living downstairs, called Mosses, put in he mouth an start talk up to me husband. Me husband tell he that nobody ent talk to he…”
Garnette explained that Hefeez became aggravated and went downstairs to meet ‘Moses’ who is a relative of hers. “I go behind he and I see he pull open the downstairs door and Moses went and stand up right behind the door. Me boy trow one cuff to he face an like when he hear we coming down the step he go an get a knife so when me boy gee he the cuff he jook he same time.”
She said immediately there was a gush of blood which hit the ground.
Neighbours rushed to the scene and desperately tried to stop the bleeding and then he was taken to hospital by a neighbour who is also a police officer.
Meanwhile, Moses Samuels, 56, walked out of the yard and has not been seen since.
Sources say Samuels was earlier imbibing at a different location in Corriverton. He is sad to have been working at Goat Landing backdam at CWC doing logging.
Garnette and Hafeez had been living together for two years.
According to Hafeez’s mother, Sandra Brideolall he was the eldest of four children and leaves to mourn his brother, sisters, and parents.



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