Berbice money changer shot, robbed by bandits

Berbice money changer Mohamed Abdel Razack

A Berbice money changer was on Sunday morning robbed and shot by bandits who pounced on him at Springlands, Corriverton, Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne).

Reports are Mohamed Abdel Razack, also called Azim, of Elijah Avenue, Springlands, was plying his trade at Springlands when the armed bandits attacked him.

INews was told that the 42-year-old man was standing outside the Boyo’s Beer Garden along the Corriverton Public Road about 05:25h when the incident occurred.

According to information received, the men confronted Razack and pulled him off of the concrete structure where he was sitting and took the money he had in his pocket.

The money changer told this newspaper that he has been in business for over two years and had in excess of 8000 Surinamese dollars (SRD), US$100 and in excess of $200,000 local currency.

Berbice money changer Mohamed Abdel Razack

“When they pull me off and I fall, one of them take the gun and lash me behind my head and ask where the money,” the man related.

The money changer said he wrestled with the bandits to defend himself and screamed for help, but the road was desolate.

“I hold on on his hand and twist it, because if I did not twist the hand, he could have shot me in my face or stomach.”

He further detailed that a shot was fired, but he did not know at the time that he had been struck.

“I beg a car driver to drop me at the station, because I just get rob and the Police respond to me same time. We went and search in all the back streets and we ain’t find nobody. When we come back to the Station, then I feel the burning on my foot and realised that I get shot in the left thigh,” Razack explained.

He was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital, where he was treated. All three bandits are said to have been wearing hoods and two of them carried firearms.

The Police have launched a manhunt for the perpetrators.


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