Bank of Guyana Governor dies



Lawrence Williams
Lawrence Williams

[] – The Governor of the Bank of Guyana, Lawrence Williams passed away on Wednesday morning (May 7) after he lost the fight to cancer. He was appointed the Governor of the Central Bank in 2005.

Mr. Williams took to the Governor’s Office over 25 years of diverse cumulative Central Banking experience.

In 1979, just after successfully completing the Bachelors of Social Sciences Degree (Management) he joined the staff of the Bank as an Assistant Principal in the Exchange Control Department where he held major responsibility for implementing and maintaining the system for monitoring exports and collection of export receipts.

Subsequently, in 1982 he was appointed as a Principal, at which level he undertook the accounting and investment function of the Export Development Fund.

In January 1984 Mr. Williams was appointed Supervisor, Export Development Fund. His duties included day to day management of the World Bank funded project which provided the foreign currency financing for non-traditional exporters to meet the cost of imported input of raw materials, capital and intermediate goods.

During the six years that Mr. Williams served as Supervisor he acquired considerable experience in foreign exchange management and investments.




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