Bandits creating havoc in Tuschen…gunmen attack businessman for the fifth time


Four gunmen barged into a grocery shop at Tuschen New Housing Scheme, East Bank Essequibo, on Monday and carted off a quantity of cash, leaving the proprietor of the business being fearful over the safety of himself and family members.

robberyReports say that around 20:30h, on Monday evening, masked bandits pounced upon scores of unsuspecting customers at the Clarence Grocery and Boutique, and ordered all of them to lie face down. While one of the customers were held hostage by one of the bandits, the others demanded cash from workers. A sum of about $100,000. was handed to the bandits after which they swiftly escaped on foot.

In explaining the unfortunate experience, proprietor of the business, Clarence Cozier, popularly known as ‘Weggy’, said he was at the counter of the business around 20:30h, and as he was about to close operations for the day he noticed the first gunman entering the store; he then went and hid himself as he was confident they were really after him to demand more cash. He related also that upon noticing what was happening, a woman took his children to another secured location in the building where they too hid themselves. He explained that the incident lasted for just about three minutes.

According to Cozier, this is the fifth robbery experienced since he began operation ten years ago in 2006. On previous occasions he was robbed of millions of dollars. He also said has not recovered anything from the previous robberies even though some of the items are in police custody.

The businessman noted that he suspects one of the robbers to be a man whom he is currently in court with on a previous robbery charge, but is currently out on bail.

Inews understands that over the past few months several homes and businesses have been attacked and robbed in the Tuschen community, but the police seem to be facing a huge challenge in bringing the situation under control. Several businesspersons and individuals are expressing fear over their safety.

Due to the rise in crime in the area, Cozier, along with several businesspersons in the area is calling on law enforcement officials to up the fight against criminals who are creating fear among citizens.

Meanwhile, the police are conducting their investigations into this most recent case.




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