Body of missing Sophia man found in trench…reputed wife recalls masked gunmen taking him from his home on night he went missing

Dead, Akeem Culley

The partially decomposed body of a Sophia, Georgetown man was fished out of a trench, a short distance from his home on Tuesday morning, almost three weeks after he went missing.

Dead, Akeem Culley
Dead, Akeem Culley

The dead man has been identified as Akeem Culley, 25, called Jamal, a miner of North Sophia. The man’s body was discovered in a trench called “Forty Foot” by a resident on the nearby reserved lands.

According to reports, Culley had been missing for about three weeks after four men stormed his house and took him away. He was never seen or heard from so his reputed wife, Kendyce Duncan, lodged a report with the police.

The woman told sections of the media that she last saw her partner of five months on the night of December 29, 2015. She recalled that around 01:00h, she was woken by calls from her neighbour (also named Akeem) who requested she open the door since he had something to tell her.

The woman said she complied and upon opening the front door, she was confronted by four armed and masked men, all of whom were dressed in black. “I didn’t see (my neighbour), all I see was all these handguns point to my face. So I started to back-up and they just barge in… Akeem was in the bedroom and he get up same time and the men hold on pon he and start pull he outside,” Duncan related.

She went on to say that after the men dragged Culley out of the house, she heard him cry out “ah” and immediately after, two gunshots were fired. “I run out, thinking that he get shoot and lying outside but when I go, I didn’t see he or anybody,” the woman recounted.

Duncan said she reported the incident to the police and ranks on patrol came to the area and they conducted a search but came up empty handed. She added that later that morning, she went to the station and made a formal complaint about the incident.

Police are conducting their investigations into the crime







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