Small contractors will benefit from 20% of all contracts awarded – Minister Harmon


Minister of State, Joseph Harmon has given some assurances to small contractors that Government will seek to ensure that they too benefit from the national pie. He pointed to a long-dormant section of the Laws of Guyana which states that 20 per cent of all contracts must be given to small contractors on an annual basis.

Minister of State, Joe Harmon
Minister of State, Joeseph Harmon

The Minister made this revelation on Monday last when he met with the executives of the General Contractors Association of Guyana (GCAG) at the Ministry of the Presidency.

Harmon explained that the law was never activated and indicated that he would collaborate with Business Minister Dominic Gaskin and Public Infrastructure Minister David Patterson to activate it soon.

The Minister is adamant that this move will be one way of ensuring that small contractors “get a piece of the pie”. He stressed that “if the country gives out Gy$10 billion in contracts per year, 20 per cent of that should go to small contractors”.

Minister Harmon also noted that 20 per cent was a sizeable portion of contracts signed every year, and urged the GCAG to insist on that measure in addition to other recommendations and policies the Association may want to propose, on behalf of the contractors.

He further declared that 2016 was the year the Government of Guyana would rebalance procedures before contracts were awarded.

According to Harmon, Government has begun to take a “fresh look” at the qualifications of contractors for jobs.


  1. Small contractors will benefit from 20% of all contracts awarded – Minister Harmon
    When the new Hammie Green talk yall better listen.
    Harmon is in fact the new PNC enforcer..


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