Attorney General’s Legal colleagues also want him FIRED



Head of the Guyana Bar Association Ronald Burch-Smith
Head of the Guyana Bar Association Ronald Burch-Smith

[] – In a joint statement issued this morning, the Guyana Bar Association and the Guyana Association of Women Lawyers expressed their concern at the recorded conversation between Attorney General, Anil Nandlall and a senior journalist at the Kaieteur News.

Nandlall, who is also the country’s Legal Affairs Minister, is accused of threatening the lives of the newspaper’s Publisher, Glenn Lall and his staff.

The joint statement called for him to resign or that he is fired.

“The statements made by the Attorney-General point to serious legal and moral infractions on his part having regard to his standing as one of the highest legal officers in our country. In the recording the Honorable Attorney-General offered in vulgar and obscene language, knowledge of actual and planned illegal activities. Even in private conversation the comments are deeply troubling and inappropriate and their candid nature, unbridled by the conventions of public discourse, calls his character and professionalism into question,” the joint statement noted.

The AG has since admitted to the recorded conversation and recently told the Government Information Agency that it was a private conversation that was not meant for the public’s ears.

Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.
Attorney General, Anil Nandlall.

Hours after the recording went viral, the Guyana government came out in full defence of Nandlall and attacked the newspaper for “illegally recording” him.

“We are most concerned that the Attorney-General appeared to be acknowledging that the use of deadly violence against the media was an acceptable reaction to frustration where public officials and other citizens are offended by what is reported about them. He also referred to making restitution of funds used by him for some purpose which he did not want the press to report about. The President of Guyana is said to have participated in conversations with a defendant in extant criminal prosecution to have same discontinued in return for less critical reporting by her co-defendant. Equally disturbing is his persistent objectification of the unidentified woman, which conduct flies in the face of the Government’s obligations and commitments regarding respect for women,” the statement further noted.

The joint statement called for good judgment to prevail and for the AG to resign.

“Public officials are given wide powers and great responsibility to make thousands of important decisions many of which never see the light of day. We expect in return for the privilege of office, that they demonstrate good character and judgment. Where they demonstrably fail to do so either by public action or by private conduct which bears on their fitness for office, as the Attorney-General has done, such public officials should be removed from office.

“As leader of the Bar, the Attorney General mindful of the honour, dignity and integrity of his office should resign immediately. If he does not resign he should be removed. Any other result would be an endorsement of the Attorney-General’s conduct and an admission by the Executive that the highest moral and legal standards are not applicable to the State.”

A police investigation is currently underway into the alleged threats.



  1. Right on point. It was appalling his utmost disrespect for the female journalist. His raw language in his description of her and the fact that his uncle had enough money to f— her. Then his claim to be smarter than Jagdeo, Bobby and Brazzy. Total disrespect for members of his own cabal.

  2. Mr. Nandlall is a very strong man. His legal groundings are highly represented in any argument or matter brought before him. He is a competent, intellectual of the Laws and it’s procedures. He is also a very strong Representative of the PPP/C where his political philosophies are actualised.
    However, his recent action signals concerns for his Morality and Values not only as a citizen and legal representative of the state but also as a Human Being. I support his Enthusiasm in his work but the proper moral thing to do in this regard would be to step down. At least to give way for the investigation.

  3. I listen to this recording three times to get the gist and I think is either they want to pay her to change the story or mess her up.
    She should be the one going to the police.

  4. Jake Singh,you are so right, that is exactly what I was going to comment on and have been talking about in some groups. The AG can clearly be heard soliciting sex for his male relative. Ganga Persaud was doing same with the Amerindians young women.
    Where are all the Women’s organisation and the Minister who is suppose to be representing women in Guyana?

  5. joke singh..suh u ah call de mooklall reporta wan pimp…what proof u have he is a pimp..u talking bout bumham time when your mother sister niece want guvament job..not now..guvament job dont pay you fuss class clown..

  6. andruu..ah see u trying wid meh..leh meh ask yuh if ..hammie greed should stay in office..should winston felix stay in office..should basil williams stay in office..should nigel hughes stay in office..should katy hughes stay in office..come clown lets talk who should and should not stay in office.

  7. Shame on any person who will agree that the AG should stay in office, what do we expect if in such high office you can make threats and its all welcome by supporters of the lawless state of Guyana ,well lots of people in jail for nothing felix had to step down ,,,the smart thing to do when you are caught like the AG was is to step out

  8. I have not seen anyone comment on the fact that the reason for the phone call was to get Gildharie to pimp the female jurnalist. Now I see that as anal and that is what Guyana is all about. Our Wives, Daughters, Mothers & Sisters have to prostitute themselves to get a Government Job.

  9. glynis simpson de ruler of pnc n their supporters condoned basil williams winston felik for what they said on rulers and their supporters condoned what pnc nigel hughes done when he removed a tape recording from the buxton gas station murder..its called tampering with evidence..u do that u in u not agree? pnc and their supporters condoned what nigel hughes and his jury foreman buddy got together and did when they allowed well known killers of east indian and their supporters condoned nigel hughes when he unleashed his pnc thugs to beat rob sexually molest east indians on agricola public road..u think these are all accidents

  10. its a bunch of racists that makes up the guyana bar association..they are like goat shit waiting for the wind to blow so they can roll..

  11. What a slap to the citizens of Guyana that the president can condone such blatant disrespect by a public official. They should ashamed to call themselves leaders and representatives of Guyana. Then again if the Guyanese people choose to fold their arms and allow these “bottom feeders”to continue desecrating and destroying our country,who’s to blame.

  12. attorney general’s legal colleagues’ call is hollow and weak , compliments of their silence on nigel hughes many infractions and basil williams’tape with Winston Felix.

  13. Fully agree that a person holding such a position and making such reckless statement is an embarrassment not only to the government but to the legal / judiciary system. He is the person that us expected to uphold the law, lead by example, be a representative for the people of Guyana and most of all is expected to abide by the law and feel that he is above the law. That being Said I strongly recommend that he should be removed as the attorney general. If this is not done the opposition has every right to remove the government by a no confidence vote. The president must take a position and do the right thing and not try to cover up for Mr. Nandalal criminal comments / behavior.


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