One dead, several injured in early morning smash up


[] – Turrick Mc Lennon, 23,  a Mahaicony, East Coast Demerara Resident was this morning killed in an accident after the car he was driving slammed into a truck head on.

IMG_20141031_070910The accident occurred at Drill Mahaicony. According to reports, four persons including Mc Lennon were in the vehicle at the time.

Three other occupants of the motor car also received injuries. Elias Ross, 25 years, of  Zeskendren has been admitted to the GPHC, while Hollin Roberts, 22 years, of Farm, Mahaicony, has been admitted to the Mahaicony Hospital. Calvin Mc Lennon, 21 years, of Farm, was treated and sent away. IMG_20141031_070835

Police said that the young man was driving at a fast rate, when he lost control and slammed into the motor lorry.


  1. It is the same (Sheriff) Halley and (Joshua) McLennan family!! This accident happened literally where the victims lived and those are family, neighbors and friends standing there!
    I’m sick of Gray and his ilk! They make everything race and politicks. Mostly they comment on stuff that happened even before their parents knew each other which makes them just brainwashed and indoctrinated tools!

  2. I wander if this is the son of Courtney Halley. or George Halley. I am sure he is the grand son of the late Benjeman Halley (THE SHERIFF). I know the entire family As for Gray. you have to excuse him for his wild foolish comment. He do not know where Pln. Drill is and how near it is to Zeskendren Mahaicony. The Halley family is big. they have relatives from Little Abary to Cottage. I am quite sure that a lot of those people are family members. So sad.

  3. Watch your damn mouth/fingers with these irresponsible comments you post here!! What the hell do you know about any of the people standing around there? Just go find another article where you can defend your ridiculous political ‘friends’ Your divisive comments are not welcome on this tragedy!!!

  4. see dat crowd that gathered there?
    boy oh boy does anyone think they are there to help the victims?
    think again…lots of them are there to see what they can grab and run off with..


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