Arrival Day messages by political parties, organisations


Arrival Day Message by the PPP

_indianarrivalThe People’s Progressive Party (PPP) salutes all Guyanese on the occasion of Arrival Day which is being observed on May 5.

This is indeed a good time to reflect on the long and difficult road we have traversed over the decades and the enormous sacrifices made by our fore parents to forge a society which today we can all be proud of.

We all owe a great debt of gratitude to our fore-parents who came from India, China, Portugal and other distant lands to work as indentured labourers following the abolition of slavery.

Together with our African brothers and sisters who came to the colony as slaves they have carved a nation and a society on the anvil of extraordinary pain and suffering.

It had always been the dream of our fore parents to forge a free, independent, cohesive and prosperous Guyana, one that the PPP is fully committed to.

As we observe another Arrival Day the PPP pledges to continue to work tirelessly to build on the achievements we have collectively made as a nation.

The PPP takes this opportunity to call on all Guyanese to ensure that the social, economic and political gains we have made over the years are preserved and consolidated especially at this time when the Guyanese people face the polls on May 11, 2015.

Today we live in what is seen as a culturally rich and diverse country. We are truly blessed with a country that has become a model of cross-cultural co-existence, despite the efforts of misguided and opportunistic elements in our society to divide our people for narrow partisan interests.              

The PPP is convinced that such efforts will not succeed and that Guyanese will vote on May 11 in overwhelming numbers for a continuation of the peace, progress and prosperity that we have experienced over the past twenty-three years.


The People’s National Congress Reform joins all like-minded groups, here at home and in the Diaspora, in celebrating the 177th anniversary of the arrival of East Indians in Guyana. This occasion offers the opportunity for the nation as a whole to recognise the important role that our East Indian ancestors and fellow compatriots have played in the development of Guyana.

The Party also believes that this is also an opportunity for the nation to understand that we all share a common destiny and that racial harmony, tolerance and understanding are essential to the further and overall development of this country. The development of Guyana can no longer be deferred. It is, therefore, essential that all stakeholders, especially political parties, and all relevant social groups and organisations make a firm commitment to exercise honesty, maturity and good judgement in order that this nation can put an end to racism, which has often stymied the development of our society and nation.

The PNCR, therefore, calls on all our citizens to reflect on the significance of this occasion and to take to heart the lesson that racial harmony and understanding are the keys to our survival and long term development.

 The Guyana Trades Union Congress

GTUC congratulates all Guyanese as we mark another Arrival Day. For we, more than most, can truly celebrate the diversity of The People Who Came. GTUC commends the idea of identifying a day where the various racial groups can together reflect on their arrival and contributions in the building of this nation. Arrival Day offers this nation the opportunity to continue forging a Guyanese culture built on our motto of One People, One Nation, One Destiny.

Notwithstanding ugly historical experiences to sustain an economic system of exploitation and oppression, Guyana’s various inhabitants have forged alliances in that today we can celebrate six peoples-Amerindian, African, Chinese, European, East Indian and Mixed- and the wonderful mixed of cultures commonly known as the Guyanese way.

In 2015 as we reflect on the road we have travelled since the Arrival Day proclamation there exists efforts to pit race against race, uncaring to the need that our collective wellbeing is reliant on forging a culture guided by spirit and intent to make Guyana a land where all-regardless of how we arrived- can proudly call home and work in a spirit of national unity and nation building.

GTUC calls for the preservation of the spirit and intent of this holiday less this nation be robbed a glorious opportunity for all groups to see themselves and be treated as equals in society. GTUC in congratulating the nation urges every group to safeguard what unites us.


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