PPP urges GECOM to guard against multiple voting, storming of polling stations


PPP[www.inewsguyana.com] – With five days remaining before Guyanese head to the polls, the ruling People’s Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) is urging the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) to put all necessary mechanisms in place to guard against multiple voting, the unauthorised use of proxy voting, storming of polling stations, stuffing of ballot boxes and other fraudulent practices on voting day.

A statement from the Party on Tuesday, May 05 noted “It is clear that as elections day draws nearer and nearer and the prospects of another PPP/C victory looms larger and larger in the elections horizon desperation seems to get the better of the APNU+AFC.”

Additionally, the PPP is also urging its members, supporters and friends to remain calm and composed despite acts of provocation unleashed against them.

“The PPP is strongly of the view that Granger and his APNU+AFC outfit is staging a psychological warfare aimed at driving fear into the electorate and create a false sense of political dominance especially in light of an impending electoral defeat in the May 11 polls.”

The PPP calls on the Guyanese electorate to be “strong and focused and not to allow themselves to be intimidated by acts of political terrorism.”



  1. We must not forget that the PNC have master the art of rigging Elections! Google:
    “Mr. Burnham does it again: A look at how PNC rigged 1973 Elections in Guyana”
    Also please Google: “The PNC rigged 1985 election in Guyana” 13

  2. As a Mass based party, the PPP/C has always gained the majority votes at ALL general and regional elections. This party is responsible and takes security issues seriously and does not have to have its own security forces to counter the “PNC security forces “. The PNC as a political outfit has always been associated with criminality. They have declared openly that they would make the country ungovernable.
    The PPP/C administration has confidence in the country’s security forces to carry out their constitutional mandate to uphold peace and security for all inclusive of PNC supporters. Begging for votes is a phenomenon used by ALL political parties at every election time not only now. The PPP/C has a lot to be proud of and so is more than qualified to continue the program of development as outlined in its manifesto.

  3. first of all; your history lessons were taught to you from under bottom-houses and it stinks so much it won’t even be regarded as revisionism. right now it is the ppp that knows its days are numbered and it is putting out these kinds of statements do get the dunces and those without future who willingly give up their vote for nothing in return to once again do so.

    every statement that comes from the ppp is recorded and every crime committed by the ppp, such as the brutal murder of courtney crum-ewing will be investigated. the ppp are banking on the dunces they throw out red meat to and the dunces batting their ears for the dog-whistle to get riled up enough to start something because the ppp have a genocidal wish.

    ramotar, rohee, luncheon, nandlall and their cult following of stupid inherently racist individuals like yourself will be dragged-off to holding cages in the hague to face trials by the international criminal court.

    you and the ppp all together continue your incitement and whats not and all of you will end up in jail for various crimes.

  4. Historically the PPPC supporters have always exercised a clam and willing attitude and demeanour at election time. It is the opposition camp and their supporters who have instigated and precipatated the use of violence. Yes, we will continue to do so, however at what point do we say enough is enough? Is it too much to ask the opposition to desist from efforts of election rigging and violent threats? Can’t the opposition for once acknowledge that they are just not good enough a party for the masses to confidently vote for them? I pray they accept defeat and not provoke the supporters of the PPPC or cause mayhem this time round! Let sleeping dogs lie!

  5. u guys had over 20 years now to get your own security forces to counter pnc security forces..u left your supporters and the silent majority to suffer at the hands of terrorist then come election them u begging for their votes..


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