Armed teen bandit shot by off duty police rank


The Guyana Police Force has reported that one of its ranks, on Monday night, shot an 18-year-old suspected bandit who, along with another armed accomplice, had minutes before robbed a resident of West Ruimveldt in Georgetown.

robberyAccording to a statement from the Police, the teen and his accomplice carried out an armed robbery on a resident of West Ruimveldt. The duo reportedly stole “cell phones” from the resident and the 18-year-old “was shot by a Gazetted Officer of the Guyana Police Force who was confronted by the suspect who opened fire on the off duty officer”.

The Police said a .32 revolver with two live rounds and four spent shells were found at the scene.

“During the robbery on the resident of West Ruimveldt, the two armed suspects discharged several rounds in the process and shortly after the 18-year-old suspect who opened fire on the off duty policeman, was shot. A cell phone, property of the victim of the robbery was found in the possession of the 18-year-old suspect,” the police stated.

The suspect is under police guard at the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation.



  1. That’s police officer did a great job, he should be promoted to a higher rank for his great and brave job… what human rights have to say about this now? Both of them should have been killed. There will go and spend 2 yrs in jail and return to the same shit… I hope they get long time… It is so scary to visit my home land of Guyana… president… you need to protect your citizens more from these heartless bandits.


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