Livestock farmer found dead on canefield dam in East Canje – with suspected gunshot wounds

The body of an East Canje farmer was found yesterday afternoon on a dam in the cane field with what appeared to be gunshots wounds.
Dead is 38-year-old Ramnarine Etwaru, also called ‘Bill’ of Lot 84 Gangaram Settlement, East Canje. Reports are that Etwaru’s lifeless body  was discovered by a fisherman who was on his way looking for a suitable location to ply his trade.
Ramnarine Etwaru
Ramnarine Etwaru

Etwaru’s motorcycle was found lying next to his body.  Initial reports had indicated that a man fell off  his motorcycle and was injured. Villagers went to the scene and discovered that the man had bled a lot. However,  further investigations revealed what looks like gunshot wounds.

Ramnarine lived in a two-story house which he recently built and moved from Suzanna Village in  East Berbice to do his life-stock business.
His wife, Rosie Hemraj remained in the village to see the couple’s 11-year-old son through Primary school.
The dead man’s sister-in-law told this publication that Etwaru recently developed a portion of land which was gifted to him by his father-in-law and situated behind his new house. According to Sharadia Hemraj, other livestock owners in the village were banned from going onto the land since Etwaru developed it.
“They are ‘mining’ thing and he don’t want them to get access to use it. They never use to use it before but since he build it up everybody want to use it; it is private property,” the woman related.
Meanwhile, villagers say that the portion of land which Hemraj referred to, was being used as pasture to graze animals in the community in the past. According to them, since Etwaru put in drainage and fenced a portion of the land, they are prevented from using it to graze their animals.
The body and motorcycle found on a dam in the backlands of East Canje
The body and motorcycle found on a dam in the backlands of East Canje

Hemraj is of the opinion that her brother-in-law was killed because he stopped villagers from grazing their animals on the land.

Meanwhile, acting Police Commander Senior Superintendent Kevin Adonis said the police do not have a motive for the shooting of Itwaru. However, he assured that within hours investigators are expected to put together all of the pieces which led to his death.
Reports from villagers who arrived at the scene first indicate that there was what appeared to be it might have been more than one person who may have committed the crime. This they say is based on evidence of fresh tracks coming from the canal. (Andrew Carmichael)


  1. Another Indian businessman killed this is the daily routine and the souja man has nothing to say all because of whom this man is does not look like the souja they do not care.


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