APNU/AFC seem “uninterested” in getting the truth about Rodney’s death exposed – Ramotar


Former President Donald Ramotar believes the A Partnership for National Unity/Alliance For Change (APNU/AFC) Government is sending clear signals that it is preparing to reject the Walter Rodney Commission of Inquiry (CoI) report.

Walter Rodney
Walter Rodney

“Unfortunately from the beginning, the APNU/PNC-led Government showed great hostility to Rodney. They brought the inquiry to a pre-mature end after millions were already spent on this project. They seem uninterested in getting to the truth or afraid to have the truth exposed,” Ramotar stated.

Ramotar, who had initially launched the CoI into the death of Dr Walter Rodney, issued a statement on Wednesday, registering his disappointment in the way the coalition Administration handled the entire situation. “I am extremely disturbed and disappointed at the way the APNU/AFC regime has treated the Commission of Inquiry,” he stated.

Given its consistent negative reactions towards the CoI from the inception, Ramotar said he strongly believes the Government is prepared to reject the report.

He explained when he established the CoI, his hope was to bring closure to the horrible episode in Guyana’s history and heal the wound to the nation’s conscience.
Additionally, he said it was aimed at bringing closure to Dr Rodney’s family.

He highlighted that the circumstances surrounding Rodney’s death has left a gaping wound in the conscience of the Guyanese society and it has also damaged the reputation of our country among democratic and peace loving people in the world.

“In bringing closure, I had hoped that bringing out the truth would have helped to heal many of the rifts that exist in our society,” Ramotar stated.




  1. @Dennis McKenzie
    really? All the PNC PROPAGANDA will NEVER cover up the fact that Dr.Rodney was MURDERED by the Petty Tyrannical Despotic Dictator Burnham.

    Granger has been accused of having ‘blood’ on his hands…and will disagree with the finding to save himself from Jail!

  2. I believe,the Walter Rodney COI failed miserably to determine who specifically killed him.The Commission seemed to have been biased in their conclusion.

  3. Every life matter…The Guyanese people should continue to fight for freedom and justice for all, We will never be free until there is a system in place to judge and treat all fairly..

  4. I believe,Rodney was his own enemy.Was this man,intelligent as he was,a military personnel,as to have an instrument like he had on him that fatal day? I`ve been informed,that only the military was authorised to use an equipment like that under any circumstances.Both he and his brother,should be held responsible for his death.Ramotar,the MICKY-MOUSE he is,will say anything now,because his intention then,and I believe even now,was to make this inquiry a political one,but I believe,it BACK-FIRED,that is why he is,where he is today.

  5. Why is the PPP so interested in Walter Rodney’s death. What about Satyadeo Sawh’s death under Jagdeo’s watch, what about the Lusignan Massacre…why they never looked to solve these crimes or have a Commission of Inquiry…why Jagdeo? And Rohee, why?”

  6. Since I was a child this enquiry has been going on, now o am almost forty! If millions have been spent and to this day there is no one arrested, then why continue for another 10 to 20 years? God do not sleep justice will prevail for the dead man in God’s time, for He alone knows if the perpetrator/s are still alive and their present condition. Too much time and money already were spent and nothing, absolutely no results.

  7. APNU/AFC seem “uninterested” in getting the truth about Rodney’s death exposed – Ramotar.. ApnuCrapnueAfccrapc is no other than PNC.

  8. donald ramotar you should be the last person handing out judgement on the mindset of other people, claiming to know what they are interested in or not because, you were the one that didn’t care a damn about holding local government elections despite calls from every corner of the local as well as international communities. your mindset was as such that you prorogued parliament and despite the tremendous risk to your tenure as president [a position you never should have had in the first place] you did not flit an eyelid so, explain your interest then. walter rodney killed himself because he bought and tested a device meant to do harm to others but ended up paying dearly. an since when did an afro-guyanese’s life meant so much to you and the ppp anyways. the walter rodney coi will go down as the most expensive political campaign gimmick in the history of guyana and the caribbean.

  9. The PPP spend millions on Rodney case, yet no one will be sent to jail. As long as high ranking people are not been sent to jail in this country then I don’t see the use of any enquiry weather they thief or kill. It’s a sad state of affairs.


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